What Does a Bronze Jumping Spider Look Like & What Keeps Spider Infestations Away in Meadville, PA?

Pennsylvania is home to thousands of spider species and one we commonly encounter is the jumping spider. If any spider species ever could be called cute, they would win the title. Common traits of jumping spiders are a robust circular body with short legs and big eyes. It is human nature to think of anything with big eyes as just another cute critter. However there’s a lot about jumping spiders people don’t realize. Today we will put the spotlight on one jumping spider species known as the bronze jumping spider. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will share a little bit more about this tiny spider species.

What Does a Bronze Jumping Spider Look Like?

The bronze jumping spider is a common species that is found throughout America and Canada. As their name suggests, the females are a bronze color and at least some of the males will share this same color as well. However male coloring can vary and even have a light tan color. Females have the rounder robust trait while the males have a smaller tear drop slender shaped abdomen. The males will also contain a bright color or color pattern to help win the affection of the females. Most jumping spider species are also covered in hair giving them a fuzzy appearance. The bronze jumping spider is about the size of the ball-end of a match stick and often goes unnoticed. They like to live near objects that help them blend with almost anything. Therefore, most of the time they go unnoticed by predators and humans.

What is the Life Cycle of a Jumping Spider?

The bronze jumping spider isn’t a huge fan of the cold and will often invade homes during the fall looking for a place to hide out the winter. They will emerge during the spring as the temperatures begin to warm up outside. They prefer to stay outdoors during the warm season. However, they will be seen hunting around window ledges if they notice flies or other smaller insect they can catch.

What Do Bronze Jumper Spiders Eat?

Jumping spiders do not spin webs to catch prey like many other species of spiders. They are hunters, using their amazing jumping ability to jump onto their prey. They will slowly creep up on their prey and when they are in range they pounce on them. Jumping spiders are quite fearless. They will even go after prey larger than they are. As long as they can get into the right position they will go for the kill. Bronze jumping spiders are so fearless they will even jump onto a person that might be annoying them and will bite them. However due to their adorable size, their bite may sting for a few seconds then dissipate. As of now, there is no known species of jumping spider in America that has any medical concern to humans.

What Keeps Jumping Spiders Away?

Bronze jumping spiders can be a little difficult to control due to their impressive jumping ability and tiny size. You should seal all cracks and gaps in doors and windows. However they often get brought into the home either on a pet or on a person. They will jump onto a passing pet or person and go unnoticed. One of the best defenses against these tiny intruders is pesticides. By keeping your home clean and having a regular pest control service, spray pesticides around your home, this will help reduce pests including jumping spider in your home.

Spider Control

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