Mice Too Smart for Mouse Traps? How to Catch & Get Rid of Intelligent Rodents in Hermitage, PA

Having mice in your home can be a devastating matter. Their destruction on the structure, utility lines, and personal property can be costly and the contamination of food and surfaces from the germs, bacteria, and diseases they carry are a health risk. Many homeowners will try and take care of the problem with the use of traps only to find no results. Today, we at Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like to shed some light on how mice are able to avoid the traps.

Mice Too Smart for Traps?

Mice are not able to detect the spring-loaded death contraptions as any kind of threat initially; there are other factors when they avoid these traps. Relying heavily on instincts, senses, and behavior assist them in avoiding certain doom. Once you are able to understand these qualities they possess, you can be better equipped to strategize an effective plan.

Mice Senses; Sense of Smell

One of the senses that suit their aid for survival is their enhanced sense of smell. With the distinct scent of humans, mice know to stay clear of people. After handling a mouse trap, the smell is wreaking in your scent, setting off survival instincts to avoid the mouse trap. Considering this, when setting your traps be sure to wear gloves to avoid drenching your scent on them. With their highly developed sense of smell, mice can also detect the odors left behind from mice that may have gotten enticed into the trap and perished. The smell of death and decaying bodies will steer them clear of the area as they know it has fatal dangers. In the event one of your traps are successful in trapping a mouse as you learn the optimal ways to do so, be sure to immediately remove the corpse and relocate the trap in others until the odors dissipate.

Best Mouse Trap Placement

Mice are prone to flight when it comes to fight or flight scenarios. Because they must forage for food, water, and nesting materials, mice will venture out hugging the walls. Always cautious when they leave the safety of their nests, mice will hug the walls so if they encounter any danger they are in a better position to escape. Generally, if you see a mouse run across the middle of an area it is out of sheer desperation to find food or to get away from danger. Knowing this tendency, we set traps around the edges in places you have seen them scurrying back and forth. Mice will never drop their guard, even when a mouse finds food to eat. When a mouse trap is sprung, their reaction time is quick and reflexive, allowing them the opportunity to evade the snap. To increase the success of the traps, we lay multiple traps down in a concentrated area.

Mice Rodent Control

Having the basic information concerning mice and their evasive tactics to mice traps will give you the upper hand in placing them. If you are still having difficulty, call in the experts of Stewart Termite and Pest Control and our technicians will quickly and effectively remove the mouse problem in your home.