Are Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches Bad? How to Get Rid of Roaches in New Castle, PA

The Parcoblatta Pennsylvania or the Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach is considered an occasional invader that is found throughout the mid western states and as such, they are found in Pennsylvania homes. Often Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are brought into the home accidentally either they were hiding in a box or clinging onto a piece of firewood. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will share more about the Pennsylvania wood cockroach to better help you control this pest.

How Can You Tell a Cockroach from a Wood Roach?

Since Pennsylvania wood cockroaches typically prefer to live in outdoor environments, they rarely invade homes, which make them difficult to identify. Pennsylvania wood cockroaches vary in size depending on their gender. Males can reach up to 1 inch in length while females are small–only reaching ¾ of an inch. Males are dark brown, while the edges of the body and wings are yellow. The males have long, full sized wings that cover their entire body. Females have short, only half size wings that don’t fully cover their abdomen. They are often lighter in color than the males. Males can fly but lack the ability to fly long distances.

Do Wood Roaches Infest Homes?

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches like living under the loosened bark of trees and can easily be found in woodpiles, stumps, and in the hollow part of trees. Pennsylvania wood cockroaches become a major problem during May through June which is their mating season while traveling in large groups but as they are an occasional invader, they can invade homes year round. They are also attracted to light. If they are not brought in they will occasionally wander inside due to the lure of light. They will come close to homes, infesting wood piles, gutter systems and areas with yard debris. When they do invade a home they can be found in any room. Unlike most cockroach species who favor damp humid areas, the Pennsylvania wood cockroach is most often found inside garages or underneath roofing tile or shingles. Pennsylvania wood cockroaches feed on dying or decaying plant matter.

What Keeps Wood Roaches Away?

Controlling Pennsylvania wood cockroaches is like controlling any other cockroach. You first will want to make any environmental changes along with structural repairs. Start by making the outside of your home environmentally unpleasing for cockroaches. Remove any decaying plant matter away from the house and maintain a clean and orderly yard. Store firewood away from your home, as far as possible. Keep gutters clean since they love to feed on the decaying leaves caught in the gutters. Look around your home for weaknesses that may allow cockroaches to crawl through and enter your home. Make sure you seal any gaps or spaces particularly around windows and doors. Place metal mesh wiring over attic and dryer vents and over the top of chimneys. Next use pesticides around the perimeter of the house’s foundation and around windows and doors. If you plan spraying pesticides on your own, be sure to read the instructions and warning label as many pesticide and insecticides are harmful. If you use a pest control service make sure to let them know your primary pest problems so they can help keep out any of the pests that are invading your home.

Cockroach Control

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