Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation & How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs from Your Pittsburgh, PA Home

If you never have or don’t know someone who has had bed bugs, then you don’t know the chaos they can bring with them. Bed bugs were thought to have been wiped out many years ago and then they came back in full force. They are a pest that are known for their infestations and the bites that they leave on the members in that household. They also are known for how hard they are to get rid of. It seems that no matter what you do as a home remedy it will not stop the invasion. There are some areas that are suffering from infestations more so than others. If you are in an area that has seen an influx it is a good idea to know what the signs are and how to deal with bed bugs. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what you need to know about dealing with a bed bug infestation.

What are Signs of Bed Bugs

The hard part about bed bugs is that many times you are not aware that you have bed bugs until there is a problem. The bed bugs are great at hiding and are small enough that they can go unnoticed. A sign that you have bed bugs is that you wake up after sleeping all night and you wake up with bites. You might be wondering how you can tell that you are suffering from bed bugs and not just some other bugs. The sign that it is bed bugs is that they tend to bite in a pattern that looks like line of bites in a row. You also will only have bites in your skin that has been exposed through the night such as arms and legs. You also may notice that more than one person has bites and they only show up in the morning. If you think that you have bed bugs you need to act fast.

Inspection for Bed Bugs

You want to make sure you call out a bed bug control company that has the ability to inspect for them. The process to look for bed bugs is not something that can be done without some expertise. You are not always looking for an actual bug but the signs that they are there. This can be blood spots on sheets and other materials. It can also be the molt that they leave behind as they go through their life cycle. When the presence of bed bugs have been confirmed you want to come up with a plan of action.

Hire Professional Exterminators to Kill Bed Bugs

When you have a confirmation that bed bugs are in your house do not hesitate to act. You want to make sure that you skip the home remedies that you might hear about and go straight to a professional service. The longer you put off the pest control service the more likely it is that you are spreading your infestation to those around you.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your house and do an inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs. We also offer services to treat and remove the bed bugs from your home. Call today!