What Do You Do for Stink Bugs?


Many people report having an increased number of box elder beetles (stink bugs), wood roaches and Asian lady bugs in and around their homes, especially in the fall and early spring months. These insects are referred to as occasional invaders and thrive better in an outside environment, but they seek protection inside during the colder seasons. As the temperature outside drops, the radiant heat emanating from the outside surface of your home will attract these insects.

These bugs often find entry through areas such where there is loose caulking, like around doors and windows, or through cracked bricks, loose mortar, behind chimneys and even around soffits and eaves. Controlling these insects starts with identifying areas on the cheap jerseys exterior of your property that may need sealing or repair, and taking corrective action by using a pest control service like Stewart Termite & Pest Control in early spring through the late fall is key.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control has a wide range of insect pest control programs available that will properly treat the exterior of your home to reduce the population on and around the structure, preventing them from entering your home.

I Spray My House Every Year and Still Have Wasps?

Although you might be treating the outside of a structure, cheap mlb jerseys yellow jackets, hornets or wasps may still find a suitable area throughout the season to nest on your home. Nesting usually occurs on the sunny side of a building, and many times these nests are out of reach, making cheap jerseys them all the more difficult to remove.

An effective stinging insect program should cheap nfl jerseys follow a certain service protocol throughout their active season, beginning in late March or early April and continuing through the end of September. This entails starting with an initial outside application, targeting all areas on the exterior of the structure that could be conducive for entry and nesting. With scheduled These follow-up services throughout Your the season, Stewart Termite Taco-Mex & Pest control can provide you with an comprehensive and effective bee and wasp control program that will reduce cuando nesting and remove any nests that may succeed.

As experts in pest control, Stewart Termite & Pest Control can help you take Welcome! back control of your home and make sure that insects and other pests don’t get the upper hand. To learn more, give us a call at 800-953-3464 and schedule an appointment or request a free estimate today.