Carpenter ants wholesale nba jerseys are black or brown to reddish brown and average in size from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. The first Do sign of a carpenter ant infestation is usually an increased number of ants on the exterior Sigue of your home or any structure. You may see them traveling to and from the outside surface as well as Aenean notice their presence inside. Normally, kitchens, bathrooms and other areas close to a moisture source such as a plumbing leak or a leaking Winter roof Welcome! are common attractive spots for carpenter ants, Poziom as is weathered wood on the exterior of a structure that is allowing moisture to soak into it. cheap jerseys These places are ideal environments for ant to nest.

The next thing to look for would be any small openings that ants may be entering or exiting, especially if you see debris falling out of it that looks like saw dust. This would be referred to as frass, a material excavated from the structure of your home that creates room for the ants to nest. As the ants’ nest expands, damage occurs as more and more of your home’s structure is removed to make space for a burgeoning ant population.


13396590_sAnts have particular habits throughout the year that can explain this behavior.

  • Ants forage for food in early spring and fall, which can explain an increase of activity in or around your home at these times of the year.
  • Ants also set up primary colonies that spawn several satellite nests that all are in communication. Ants travel between colonies at various times of the year. As the ants travel to and from these satellite nests, they can be moving right through your home. They could enter through a small gap in your front door exiting at a small opening somewhere else. This can also explain why ants sometimes are seen in waves – here one week and gone the next, then reappearing days later.

In either example – activity in or around your home – the ants will find a suitable area to set up another satellite nest at some point if ignored or neglected. Treatment for carpenter ants Moment should be approached as a seasonal service. Carpenter ants start being active in mid-March and continue hello working through the end of November, wholesale jerseys but you should seek wholesale nfl jerseys professional help at the first sign of activity. Service for carpenter ants in the winter months is normally not needed unless you are seeing activity inside during those months.

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