Mice and Rats: Kicking Out These Winter Houseguests

During the winter months, we do what we can to keep the cold out of our homes. However, there is another threat that may be getting in and we may not even know it. That threat is rodents such as mice and rats that crawl in through open passageways into our homes as they seek warmth and food during the frosty season.
5550291_sHaving rodents in your home can become a serious problem quickly if not addressed. Mice and rats are populous animals, and are known to reproduce quickly which can quickly turn a small infestation into a large mess, even leading to the destruction of property. To stop the problem from growing, contact a local exterminator such as Stewart Termite & What Pest Control at the first sign of a mouse or rat infestation and let our experts go to work.

First, we will inspect the exterior of your home to see where pests could have gotten in. This includes shrubs and wood piles near the home that may be providing harborage for rodents as well as inspecting around the home for small openings that would allow entry through the exposed foundation. We will identify all entry points that we find and cheap MLB jerseys initiate our rodent control program based on entry into the structure as wholesale MLB jerseys well as the paths that the rodents travel inside. After control of the rodents is achieved, we will work to seal off any entry points that have been de found, using an appropriate material such as cement or identify repairs that may be needed to prevent any more of these animals from getting in.

In addition to offering extermination and control services for rats and mice, Stewart Welcome! Termite & Pest Control also helps with insect infestations like termites, ants and bees. Pests can find their way into homes in numerous ways, so when they do, let us help wholesale MLB jerseys you get rid of them. If you would like more à information, give us a call today at 800-953-3464.