Termite Swarming Season; How to Prevent Termite Swarmers in Your Meadville, PA House

There are some pests that are a real problem depending on the weather. The weather will determine if there is enough warmth for the pests to come out or if they need to find somewhere to hide. That is why in the winter months you are likely to find pests in your home. They are looking for a way out of the cold weather and your residence is a perfect spot. They just need the warmth of your home and food which is usually pretty easy to find. Other pests are just waiting for the weather to start warming up and then they make their main debut. Termites are a pest that during the spring months are usually on the hunt for a new place to call home. This is why they grow wings and you want to be prepared when this happens. Termites are a pest that are not harmful to your health necessarily but they are a hazard to your safety. They will get in the walls of your home and start to eat the wood beams. The beams are there to keep the structure of your home up. If they are damaged too much the house could have a problem and you will need to have repairs made right away.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Outlines How to Detect & Prevent Termite Swarmers

What Does A Termite Swarm Look Like?: If you are wondering what a swarm looks like then you may want to pay attention. Termites usually will swarm in the early part of the spring in search of a place to start their colony. The swarm will look a lot like flying ants that are flying past your house. Swarming termites are often seen in large quantities and if you suspect that there are termites swarming around your home you want to call out a professional to do a termite inspection. We can determine if termites have invaded your home or property and present a custom solution to get rid of them.
Seal Or Paint Your Wood to Protect it from Termites: The wood around your home that is exposed to the outside needs to be sealed or painted over. Most of the time termites will only go after wood that is exposed and not sealed in any way. That is why it is important to take time before the spring to look around the outside of your home for wood that is worn or has chipped paint. You want to be sure that you check the deck, eaves of the house and under the home as well. If you see any wood that needs to have touchup paint it is a good idea to do it.
Remove Wood & Other Debris to Deter Termites: You want to also look around for other fibrous debris or wood that you have around the house. This might be wood that you have piled up to use in your fireplace or fire pit. You want to make sure that it is moved away from the home and covered if possible. If you have an old dying tree you want to make sure that it is also taken out of the yard.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers thorough termite inspections and successful termite removal. After our inspection, we will present a custom plan of action to best meet your circumstances. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.