Termite Facts in Youngstown, PA; What Do Termites Eat Besides Wood, Use Mud to Build Tubes & More

There are some pests that are scary to have around like spiders! There are some that are not as scary but a real annoyance to have like ants walking across your kitchen counter. There are other pests that you really don’t see very often, not because they are not there but because they hide really well. One of those pests that you need to be concerned about are termites. They are likely to do a serious amount of damage that can cost you quite a bit of money. They also are one of the best pests at hiding due to what they choose to eat! They want to chew through the wood that happens to be inside the walls of your house. The exposed wood beams are the perfect place for termites to be found. The problem is that they are small enough and will stay in the walls or other exposed wood without being seen for some time.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Interesting Facts about Termites

What Do Termites Eat Beside Wood?: When you think about termites most people will associate them with eating wood! They are found in exposed wood piles and other wood materials. They will tunnel through the wood not to just make a nest but they actually eat the wood. They are also the bane of a homeowner’s existence! They are known to cause millions of dollars in damage to homeowners that require pest control services as well as home repairs. It may surprise you to know that termites don’t eat strictly wood! The food of choice happens to be wood but they are also happy to eat other fibrous foods as well. They have been known to eat plants and even fabric as well.
Termite Swarmers Lose their Wings: When it comes to insects and other pests they either have wings or they don’t. The great thing about a termite is that they need wings to get a colony started. In the spring time they need to be able to swarm from one area to the next. When they find a suitable spot they will start the colony and get to work. The most interesting fact is that the swarmer termite will shed wings after they have found their new home! This helps people identify a potential infestation by detecting shed wings around their window sills and other places.
Termites Use Mud to Build Tubes: There is a species of termite that needs to have cover when they start to feed on wood. Often times they need to travel in order to gain access to the exposed area of a home. The subterranean termite will live under the ground and when they want to feed they use mud to build tunnels up the side of the house. This is the tunnel they use to travel so that they are not dried out from the sun. The tunnels are a great indicator that you have an infestation of termites.

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