False Black Widow Spider Identification, Bites, Life Cycle, Control & More in Edinboro, PA

The False Black Widow Spider is commonly found along the East Coast States including Pennsylvania. Many often confuse the false black widow spider with a true black widow spider, which is why this species of spiders are called the false black widow. However, there are a few differences such as the way they look and luckily, the false black widow spider has a bite that is far less lethal than the true black widow. Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to share more about the false black widow spider.

False Black Widow Life Cycle from Egg Sack to Death

False black widow spiders are often found inside homes and other human structures. They create irregular webs to help catch prey, much like other comb-footed spider species do. The false black widow spider has a wide range diet. They will feed on venomous spiders including the black widow. The female false black widow spider is known to live for about six years where the males only live for about eighteen months. A single female false black widow spider can produce multiple offspring during her life. Most female false black widow spiders will have up to three egg sacs containing 200 eggs during each mating season, which is from May to July.

False Black Widow Spider Identification

The false black widow spider is very similar in appearance to that of a true black widow. They both reach about the same size where females can range from a ¼ of an inch to ¾ of an inch in size. Males are smaller in comparison. Even though false black widow spiders and true black widow spiders share similar appearances, the false black widow spider lacks the red hourglass marking on her underbelly. Additionally, the female false black widow spider’s abdomen is more oval shaped and is slightly flatter than a true female black widow. There are a number of different species of false black widow spiders that all slightly vary in coloring. Some are solid black, much like black widow spiders. Some false black widow spiders will have white, yellow, or orange color markings on the top side of their abdomen where other species may be brown in color.

False Black Widow Spider Bites

The false black widow spider, through all stages of life, can be found inside homes and other structures. However, they can also be found outside hiding under rocks, branches, yard debris, and in dark places. If bitten by a false black widow spider you may experience some of the same symptoms of true black widow spiders where illness and blistering occur. However, unlike true black widow spider bites, where you will need medical help, the false black widow spider is far less potent and in most cases a person will recover from the symptoms and bite without the need of medical aid. Nevertheless, it is always best to seek medical attention especially if the bite results in headaches, dizziness, and nausea. If possible attempt to bring the spider that caused the bite to be properly identified and treated.

Spider Control

Spider control is an important part for your home defense. If you have spiders and other pests invading your home, contact a professional pest control service. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can help protect your home and business from invading pests. For all of your pest control needs, contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control today.