Signs of Active Carpenter Ant Infestations & How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in Erie, PA

The spring is a great time of year that brings warm weather and flourishing plants and flowers. It also is a time of year that most people want to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. The weather is also prime for pests of many species. You will start to see bees, wasps, ants and much more. They are keen on the weather and will start to create colonies that will start to cause trouble for some homeowners. One of the pests you want to be cautious of are ants in the spring time. One ant in particular that you need to be aware of are carpenter ants. They are a pest that not only act as a invasive species but they are very problematic for your home as well. They cause a major amount of damage each year to homes all over. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what you can do about carpenter ants in and around your home.

When Are Carpenter Ants Active?

When it comes to carpenter ants they are different than other species of ants. They actually want to be in a particular area and that is exposed wood. They use the wood to tunnel through and build their colony. The ants are going to chew through the beams in your house under the eaves of your roof, fencing and more. You want to make sure you know when to be aware of carpenter ants. They are commonly active in the spring time. The weather is what will draw them out of their diapause. This is what an insect does in the winter and when the weather is too cold. They basically pause what they are doing in place and will start back up in the spring. That means if you have a problem last year you will still have the same issue this year. They will become active and continue to chew through the wood around your house. They also tend to be more active in the evening hours but can be seen working all hours of the day and night.

Signs of Carpenter Ants

There are some ants that are easy to recognize their presence because they are often seen lined up across the counters. When it comes to carpenter ants they are not as easy because they are hiding inside some piece of wood. The most common sign is that you will see a small pile of sawdust near tiny holes in the wood. This is where they can taking the excess wood out and can leave a trail. The only sure way to know that you have carpenter ants is to have a professional out to do an inspection.

Carpenter Ant Control

If you think you have carpenter ants in your home you want to act fast. They are not going to move on on their own. Your home has plenty of wood that will keep a colony busy for a long time. You need to call a professional that has the ability to treat the home for this very problematic pest. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come to your house to inspect for carpenter ants and present a custom treatment plan. Call us today!