Busting Termite Myths in Pittsburgh, PA; Easy to Tell if You Have Termites, House on Concrete Slab Safe & More

Termites are troublesome for homeowners all over the United States. That leads many Americans to spend a lot of time talking about their fears, concerns and thoughts on treatment. Without the right information there are a handful of myths about termites that have become very popular. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outline some of them below.

Is it Easy to Tell if You Have Termites?

The problem with termites is that they work silently. When you finally see the signs of an infestation it’s almost always too late. They can work for a long time before you figure out that they are there. They also choose cracks and crevices that are probably out of your reach, making it even more difficult.

Do You Need to Worry if Your Home has Already Been Treated for Termites?

Just because you’ve had one treatment doesn’t mean your home is safe. Many homeowners go for many years without getting an inspection done by a professional. This is a recipe for disaster. As we’ve already mentioned, termites can work silently for a long time before they are discovered. Damage can be severe by that time. You should have your home inspected once a year.

Is Your House Safe from Termites if it’s Built on a Concrete Slab?

Many people believe this myth because termites don’t eat concrete. However, they will also use cracks and crevices in concrete slabs to get to the wood in your home. Many concrete slabs are framed in wood that will attract these bugs. Plus, anything that contains cellulose can be targeted by termites. They will eat through drywall, wallpaper and wooden furniture. Once they start in these materials, they will find the wood in your home in no time.

Will Lots of Decaying Wood Around Your Home Keep Termites Away?

While termites will spend time eating through the wood and mulch that lies around your home, they are always looking for a new source of food. Your home provides a colony all the wood they need to thrive and also provides protection form disturbances -that’s hard to pass up!

Can I Treat Termites Myself?

You cannot get the same results form DIY methods of termite control. It’s certainly a more affordable way to go but not very effective. Chances are that you are just allowing the infestation to grow. The products you can buy are not strong enough to wipe out a colony. Even if you were to get your hands on the right products it would be very difficult to get to all the right places to be effective.

Is the Cost of Professional Termite Control Too High?

There are different treatments for different situations, and many factors will determine the exact cost but hiring professionals is the way to go for effective control. You’ll also get a warranty to go along with it. When you factor in what can go wrong it’s affordable to hire the professionals.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

Every year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage, and homeowners spend over two billion dollars to treat them. Contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control for a termite inspection before it’s too late.