Need for Winter Pest Management in Erie, PA for House Mice, Occasional Invaders & More

Pennsylvania winters bring some unusual pests and some of those are quite unexpected. With the winter season beginning to set in, is your home or business prepared for some of these common pests? Stewart Termite & Pest Control will share some of the more common pest problems and some you may not quite be expecting this winter.

Insects & Pests that Come Out in Winter

Mice – Mice are a common winter intruder. They often seek shelter from the cold as well as a place they can easily find food, water, and warmth. Homes often become a major target for mice and other rodents such as rats. Mice will seek shelter in homes, garages, and even under the hood of vehicles. Mice are very destructive and cause damage to homes, wiring, and even plumbing lines. Additionally, they could be harboring harmful diseases, pathogens, and viruses. Mice will leave behind their droppings and urine, which could spread these health problems. When mice become a problem, you can seek the aid of a professional pest control service and begin laying trap, baits, and sticky boards to help reduce and control mice.
Centipedes – Centipedes typically stay outdoors but they like to live near or under the foundation of a home or under concrete. Centipedes feed on other insects and spiders. However, due to their appearance and speed, there is a huge creepy factor when a homeowner sees one in or near their home. Some of the larger centipedes can–and sometime do–bite people using the front legs that contain venom. Therefore, their bite does hurt. Nevertheless, unless a person has a severe allergic reaction the bite is not harmful to humans. Centipedes don’t deliberately enter homes during the winter. However, their quest for food often gets centipedes wandering and during the winter season, food does become more scarce. This is why centipedes become a more frequent pest in the winter. To stop centipedes, work on keeping them out of your home. Seal up holes or gaps that centipedes can use to crawl inside your home. If a centipede is discovered in your home, you can simply remove and take it outside or contact your local pest control company.
Silverfish – Silverfish feed on decaying leaves, wood, and starches. When they can’t find food outside, they will come inside. They are often found inside pantries feeding on oats, cereals, and other starchy items. They are also seen feeding on paper such as wallpaper, books and magazines. They don’t pose any hazard to human health. Nonetheless, they can start destroying items within your home. Silverfish prefer moist climates and typically warm humid areas, which is why during the winter they are found in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. You will typically find them inside cabinets and other damp areas. To prevent silverfish from entering your home, keep your yard clear of fallen leaves, decaying plants, and other items which they can feed on. However, if you have discovered that your home has been invaded by silverfish, don’t panic. Simply contact your local pest control company.

Winter & Year Round Pest Management

Stewart Termite & Pest Control wants to help keep your home or business safe from all pests this winter. For your entire pest prevention and control needs, contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control today!