Signs of Bed Bugs in New Castle, PA; Bites, Blood Stains, Shed Skin Casings, Odor & More

Having bed bugs in your home isn’t something anybody wants. No matter how diligent you are with your house keeping, bed bugs are not an insect that is attracted to filth. Preferring the blood of humans, but able to feast on any warm-blooded host, bed bugs are generally found in populated areas. These blood-sucking critters are typically brought into your home by you or an occupant of the home after being somewhere they are already infesting. Being very transient, bed bugs are found in highly public places; hotels, motels, planes, trains, taxis, theaters, medical facilities, and the list goes on. The most common way bed bugs are brought into your home is after staying in a hotel or motel room crawling with them where a few slipped in your luggage. The odds of getting bed bugs in your home are high enough that we at Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like to list the red flags bed bugs are in your home.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are a nocturnal insect that average ¼” in length with grayish-brown flat, oval-shaped bodies that after feeding appear redder and engorged. In smaller numbers they are commonly found hiding in or near the bed, preferring to be as close to their food source as possible, but as their numbers grow, they have a tendency to spread out in bedrooms, still being in close proximity. Below are signs bed bugs have intruded into your home.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

1) Bed Bugs Give Off an Odor. Bed bugs release a pheromone that is described as a musky odor reminiscent of a wet towel that has sat a day or so in an old locker room. The more bed bugs there are the more distinct and heavy the smell will be.
2) Bed Bug Droppings, Shed Skin & Blood Stains. Blood spots from their tiny punctures following their feeding habits will be found staining the sheets. In the bed or surrounding areas you can find additional evidence as well. Their fecal matter is a rusty color red that looks like very tiny pellets. Another sign is their brown colored molten skin from their oval exoskeletons because as bed bugs evolve into the next life cycle, they will shed their skin.
3) Bed Bug Bites. Their feeding isn’t very discreet, though the initial bite is painless; the bite marks left behind are red blotchy marks that remain level with the skin. They generally itch, ranging from mild itchiness to moderate itching, depending on the individual’s skin sensitivity. From the itching, some people may scratch excessively in an attempt for relief only to get the bite infected. Additionally, bed bugs inject a fluid that keeps the blood from coagulating that some people can have an allergic reaction to. However, bed bugs do not pose any serious health risks and are not linked to spreading any known diseases. The bite marks are also found more in a straight line instead of random spots and along the shoulder and arms; seeking the exposed skin. Although, bite marks found around the ankle are likely from chiggers or fleas.
4) Mental Affects from Lack of Sleep Due to Bed Bugs. Many people who have been a host for bed bugs describe having restless nights from the itchy bites from previous feedings or occasionally feeling them crawl around.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal Treatment

If you suspect bed bugs in your home, call in the professionals of Stewart Termite and Pest Control for a comprehensive bed bug inspection. If any bedbugs are found, our specialists will consult with your on the optimal solutions to remove the bed bugs from your home.