Keeping Roaches, Bugs & Other Pests from Moving with You in Packing Boxes in Youngstown, PA

When you are out looking for a new house and you want to buy something it can be a fun experience. It can also be difficult if you are picky about what you want. Most people have a list of things they want to see when they buy a house and some things that are a deal breaker all together. You may need a certain amount of rooms for your family to sleep and property to add a pool or other additions. What you want to make sure you don’t end up with is a pest infestation when you buy. Some people live in the house until it has sold while others have it vacant. Either situation can hide an infestation of pests that might be hiding out that you move your things into. When you look at a new house you want to be cautious of a potential infestation. You also want to make sure you don’t bring pests with you! Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what to look for when buying a house to avoid pest infestation.

Check Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry for Pests

If you are looking to purchase a house that is on the market they are often times empty and vacant. That means there are not people there that are checking for pests and doing what they can to keep them out. When you go through the house you want to make sure that you go through the cabinets and open each and every one of them. The cabinets in an empty house is a great place for pests to nest and to stay out of the main area of the house. You need to look for signs of droppings as well as nesting materials. When it comes to rodents you will see droppings and chew marks. If you have cockroaches you may notice dead bugs and markings around the area they are living that looks a lot like dirt. When you are cleaning out the cabinets in your existing place, throw out any dry goods with pantry pests so you don’t bring them with you!

Look for Signs of Pest Infestations in the Corners of Rooms

You also may want to look in all the corners of the home. You can look behind the doors and in each corner. This is often the area that pests will stop and could potentially die. If they die the pests will just find a corner to stop. If you are seeing dead pests along the edge and in the corners then you want to have the home treated before you move in. This is a great way to get the infestation under control before you move any of your belongings in the house.

Check Outside of House & Garage for Pests

The areas that are surrounding the house and the garage are usually where pests will get in the house. You can potentially look for signs that there are pests trying to get in. They will leave droppings as well as gaps in the doors and windows. If you notice there are pests just outside your house or in the garage you could have a bigger problem. You want to make sure you have the home treated right away.

Pest Management

Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your home and treat for pests before and after you move in as well as provide routine pest control maintenance. Call us today!