How Do Pets Attract Bugs & Pests in Meadville, PA? Dog Food, Droppings, Fur & More

When you get a new dog or cat they are usually a fun and exciting new addition to your house. It has been said that people that have pets are happier and have even been known to live longer. A pet is a great addition for a house and usually is a way to help the family bond. They of course bring some challenges as they figure out how to use the bathroom and not to chew your favorite shoes. There is some training that goes into a new pet that all the members of the house need to be a part of. It is not all good that comes with owning a pet. Some people are not aware that owning a pet can actually create an environment to attract pests. If you feel like pests have been increased around your house when you got a pet you might be right. There are many things your pet and you can be doing that will attract pests. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines how your pet might attract pests into your house.

Does Dog Food Attract Roaches & Other Pests

One of the things most new pet owners do is find a cute bowl that they can use to water and feed them. You most likely fill up the food and water in the morning and then leave it out until the next morning. That way your pet is able to come out to the dish and eat or drink at their leisure. This is actually a bad practice to have when you have pets. You want to actually feed your pet at a particular time of the day and only leave it out for an hour or two. The dog or cat will learn to eat when the food is out and fill up on what they need. When you leave food out all day long and then through the night you are likely feeding pests as well. The pet food has an attractive quality for pests like cockroaches and mice. They will smell the food that they don’t even have to work for and invade your house.

Does Dog Poop Attract Mice & Other Pests?

When the pet goes out for the bathroom they will usually use the yard if it is a dog or a litter box if they are a cat. When they finally learn where to use the bathroom you usually breathe a sigh of relief. The problem is that if you do not care for the droppings and urine properly you could be attracting pests. The droppings attract pests to it and that means that they are closer to your house. You want to make sure you clean up after your pets often so that the droppings do not cause flies and other pests to become attracted.

Pests Can Live in Pet Hair

Another problem you might come across when you have pets is that they can carry pests on their fur and hair. Once they are attached to them they can then be brought into your house. There are many pests that can come in on your pet but still be a problem for the other people that are in the house.

Pest Management

Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your house and make sure that your home is treated to remove any pest that might have been brought in by your pet. Call us today!