Adelgids, Aphids, Bark Beetles & Other Pest Infestations on Christmas Trees in Edinboro, PA

The Christmas holiday has so much magic that comes along with it. Santa Claus, presents, lights, the spirit of giving, music, family traditions, and more all help make Christmas magical. One iconic part of Christmas is the beloved Christmas tree. Millions of homes across the country set up their Christmas trees and lovingly decorate them every holiday season. Reports show that 33 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United States every year. They truly are one of the pinnacle parts of the Christmas season.

Christmas Tree Bug Infestation

Even though Christmas trees ideally only bring happiness along with them at some point we have to consider that there are some cons that come along with Christmas trees as well. One of the cons with Christmas trees is that when we bring a live Christmas tree into your home we also bring pests inside our home with it. Studies show that there could be up to 25,000 bugs in one Christmas tree. There are some common bugs that tend to come in along with your Christmas tree. Most of the bugs are so small that you can only see them with a microscope. Many of the bugs in Christmas trees are not dangerous to people. Most of the bugs actually die from starvation or desiccation after you bring the tree inside your home.

Christmas Tree Adelgids & Aphids

Adelgids are relatives of aphids which are extremely tiny bugs. They can be found on the lower boughs of your tree. Aphids can only survive by feeding on certain plants. The good news here is that houseplants are not on the list of plants that aphids will live on. They are found in evergreen, pine, balsam fir, spruce, Fraser fir, and white fir trees.

Spiders & Mites in Christmas Trees

Spiders and mites are found on Douglas fir, white pine, Fraser fir, and spruce trees. You may see tiny red and brown dots on your tree that are actually spiders and mites. Mites can cause the needles on your tree to drop prematurely.

Bark Beetle Infestation in Christmas Tree

Bark beetles are hard-bodied, red, black, and brown bugs that are about the size of a grain of rice. They will create small holes in the trunk of your tree. When they make these holes they leave sawdust trails that you may notice. You will find bark beetles in Monterrey pines, White Fir, and Juniper trees.

Praying Mantis Egg Nests

Praying mantises are one of the larger bugs that you may find on your Christmas tree. They are light tan and about the size of a walnut. Praying mantises can lay 400 eggs at a time. These eggs will start to hatch several weeks after being inside your home. This bug can be found on any type of Christmas tree.

Pest Management

If the idea of your Christmas tree being infested with bugs has you squirming we have a few tips for you to help prevent these bugs from making their way into your home. When you are selecting your Christmas tree you may want to consider examining the branches and trunk for bugs before you make your selection. We also recommend leaving your Christmas tree in your garage for a few days before bringing it inside your home. Before you bring it in shake the tree vigorously over a white sheet to get any remaining bugs out of the tree. You will also want to make sure that Stewart Termite & Pest Control comes out for your monthly visit to spray for any bugs that may have found their way inside your home on your Christmas tree. Contact us today!