Busting Rat Myths in Hermitage, PA; Rat Population, Rodent Infested Cities, Size & More

Rats are very clever animals that can survive almost anywhere and chew through almost everything. Needless to say, they make formidable pests! It’d be hard to find someone who wants rats destroying their homes, eating all their food, and spreading disease. If we can correct the most common misconceptions about rats, it will be easier to prevent them from disrupting our lives.

Are Cats Effective Against Rats?

Actually, cats aren’t that effective at limiting the number of rats on your property. They may be able to do so with mice, as they are smaller than rats. The fight a rat will put up when attacked by a cat is too much for your average feline friend. Plus, rats can often be found in spots that are hard for cats to reach rather than out in the open.

Does Soda Really Kill Rats?

Some people think that the amount of carbonation in soda can be the end of a rat. While rats cannot burp, there is still not enough carbonation in soda to really affect the rodents. A rat would have to drink a full 12-ounce can of soda to have any real consequences. You also will be doing more harm than good by using soda to control a rat population, as they are actually attracted to sweet and sugary food and drink.

Rat to Human Ratio in the World

In big cities there is one rat for every person? While this may seem believable after witnessing rat infestations or seeing them scavenging on city streets, it is simply impossible. This false premise came from a 1909 study in England and was later corrected in a 1949 New York Study. The updated study found that there was really about one rate for every 36 people in New York City.

Most Rat Infested Cities

Rats only live in run-down areas? Even the cleanest and wealthiest neighborhoods can have rats. They can make themselves at home anywhere as long as they can find food, water, and shelter.

Does Construction Cause Sewer Rats to Leave their Homes?

False! Sewer rats are usually unbothered by ground construction and will only flee if their burrows are excavated.

Rats the Size of Cats?

False! The Black Rat and the Norway Rat are the two most common rat species that people will ever encounter. They hardly ever weight more than 15 ounces, and the average house cat weighs 8-12 pounds. Not even close!

Is Cheese Bait Irresistible to Rats?

Despite popular belief, there are many other foods that rats would prefer over cheese. Some examples are peanut butter, meat, chocolate, or dried fruit. You can also use fabric or cotton balls as bait, as female rats like to shred it for nesting.

Is it Safe to Approach or Touch a Rat?

Wild rats are not the same as pet rats as they do not see humans as friendly and a source of food. Rats may lash out, biting and scratching you, especially if they are trapped but still alive.

Rodent Control

Even though rats are clever they can still be controlled. Contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control for help today!