How to Prevent & Get Rid of Mice in the Walls of Your New Castle, PA House or Apartment

Every homeowner strives to keep their home a clean and inviting environment for their friends and family. Time and care are taken to fill your house with the necessary items that your family needs for day to day life. Despite our best efforts to keep our home looking the way you want it to sometimes there are things that find their way into your home that we do not want there. There is not a home in the country that does not sometimes have unwelcome bugs, insects, or rodents enter in their residence. When this happens homeowners immediately start researching what they can do to get rid of them. Stewart Termite & Pest Control wants to talk to you today about what you can do to get rid of mice that may have found their way into your home.

Mouse Traps that Work

The first thing that many people turn to is mouse traps. Mouse traps are the traditional option for getting rid of any mice that have found their way into your home. If you do not have a large mouse infestation this can be a good option. Many times people will only set one mouse trap because they assume that they only have one mouse in their home. Unfortunately most people are not lucky enough to only have one mouse in their home. Lay plenty of mouse traps in your home so that you can catch multiple mice at a time. We also recommend using more than one type of mouse trap. You can find different options at your local home improvement store.

Mouse Keeps Eating Bait Off Trap?

If you do purchase mouse traps you will want to carefully select your bait. The mice may be getting into some of the food in your home already. If this is the case you may want to try using the food that they have been eating already as bait. Other options are chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, oatmeal, dried fruit, or hazelnut spread. When you go to put the bait on the mouse trap it is a good idea to try and secure the bait to the trap with fishing line or hot glue. Mice are extremely good at getting the bait off the trap without actually getting caught in the trap.

Where to Place Mouse Traps

Once you have your traps purchased and baited you will want to be thoughtful in where you place them. We recommend that you place the traps perpendicular to the walls, with the trigger section facing the baseboard. This makes it so that the mouse has to run directly into the bait to get it. Typically mice do not travel very far from their nesting areas to find their food. If you think that you know where they are living you will want to make sure that you place your trap within 10 to 20 feet of that area.

Rodent Control

Even the best placed and baited mouse traps do not always work. Mice are extremely smart rodents. Many times they will end up getting the food off the trap and not getting caught in the trap. Other times they simply are not interested in the traps on any level. If this happens to you it is time to call in the professionals here at Stewart Termite & Pest Control. We have more tools and knowledge that can help you get rid of your mice infestation much faster than you can on your own.