Prepare for Fall Insects & Bugs in Erie, PA; Home Sealing, Decluttering, Landscaping & More

As the summer wanes down, and the cooler temperatures start to manifest, homeowners should be aware of the possible fall pest invasions. As the cooler temperatures take hold, many pests need to escape the cooler weather. Also, cooler weather frequently reduces food and water supplies, only encouraging pests to make your home, their home. Most pests are responsible for property damage or pose a health risk. Where few are nothing more than nuisance, no one wants to share their home with variety of pests that can infest in Pittsburgh. Today, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to share how to prepare your home for the invasion of fall pests.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

There are many points of entry that pests have.
Weather Stripping Around Windows and Doors – These are major points of entry. Ensuring the weather stripping is in optimal condition and in place is essential. Weather stripping can deteriorate over time and of it looks cracked, be sure to replace it.
Caulk & Mesh Covers for Utility Lines – Plumbing, electrical, and ventilation are often vulnerable to pests. With caulk and proper mesh covers, these susceptible openings can be better protecting to prevent the pest from entering.
Repair Home Cracks & Fissures – Cracks, fissures, gaps, and holes that have manifested in the walls, roof, and foundation are also little private entryways for pests. Ensuring these little damaged areas in your home is properly repaired to hinder their progress can help dramatically avoid infestations.

Declutter to Keep Bugs & Pests Away

Clutter provides pests with harborage, both inside and outside. Take the time to remove the clutter outside, any firewood should be stacked away from the house as far as possible and at least 18 inches above the ground. Clear out any landscaping clippings and trash. Inside your home the old catalogs and outdated magazines as well as piled up junk mail should be tossed or recycled. Donate or toss excessive linens. Make certain the home is as clutter-free as possible to prevent pests from finding nesting grounds.

Landscaping to Prevent Pests

Over the summer, it is common for the vegetation to creep close to the home. Many pests’ natural habitat is in the landscaping. Bushes, grass, and trees should be trimmed away from the structure. It helps avoid wondering pests.

Keep Bugs Out & Away from Trash Cans

The trash bins, both inside and outside the home, attract pests. If you haven’t already, be sure to wash the bins with hot soapy water. Always use a liner for the indoor cans and ensure all bins have a secure lid on top to reduce any attraction. Place your outside bun as far from the house as possible.

Cleaning to Prevent Pest Infestations in Kitchen

Clear out the crumbs. As mentioned, pests invade homes in the fall as their food supply outside dwindles. Take the time to clear out the cabinets and pantry of any spilled food. Most pests can easily breach cardboard, flimsy plastic, and paper food packaging. Consider in investing sealable containers to protect food from pests.

Professional Pest Management

Professional pest control experts do not only come to your aid when there is an infestation, but we offer preventative maintenance to help prevent pests from coming inside. Call Stewart Termite & Pest Control today for pest control services.