How to Prevent Household Pest Infestations in Your Hermitage, PA Home; Inspection & More

When you find out you have a flat tire you have to deal with it. When your washing machine goes out it is time to buy a new one. These are all things that will happen and when it does you know you have to replace or repair them. When it comes to doing what you can to prevent the problem there is not always a lot that you can do. If you are talking about pests, prevention is the very best option you have. It is always better to prevent pests from infesting or entering your home rather than dealing with it once they have arrived. Many pests bring with them disease, odor, messes and more. You want to make sure you know all the best ways to prevent and understand pests. There are some great ways to do that and protect your family from a nasty and unwanted pest infestation. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines the best prevention tips for pests.

Start with a Pest Inspection

If you are concerned about pests or you are in a new home you want to start with an inspection. This is a great way to get a better understanding about what it is that you might need in terms of treatment. The inspection is often the first step to take so that you know if there are any pests that have already made their way into your house. The inspection is also a great time of the technician to let you know if you are doing anything that could be attracting pests into your home. It could be dog or cat food that is left out all day. It could also be standing water or moisture buildup that many pests look for. Lastly you could have food that is not being sealed up properly and left open that will attract many types of pests.

House Perimeter Spray

The reason that a pest will come in your house and stay is based on three main things. One is they are looking for a safe place to nest, second they need access to food and lastly they need moisture or water. Those are what will attract them but if they cannot find an access point then they won’t come in. That is why creating a barrier is the next big tip. You want to have all these areas that they might come in sealed off. The usual spots are around doors and windows. When they are closed off you it will be easier to keep from pests from getting in your house.

House Bug Identification

Every area of the country has different types of pests at different times of the year. You want to talk to a professional pest control technician to understand what pests might be a problem for you. When you know what to expect you can have a better plan to keep them out of your house. The technician will know what is common throughout the year.

Pest Inspection & Management

Now that you have done all you can to prevent you want to give your home a good plan to stay that way. The inspection should continue to happen as well as barrier control. You also need to be sure you have pest control services to ensure you are kept free from pests and that you have a plan if any were to make their way in. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your home to do an inspection and start a treatment plan. Call us today!