How to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Home to Meadville, PA when Traveling; Protect Luggage & More

As we enjoy the holiday season, there will be many miles logged for travelers spending the holidays with their families near and far. With so much travel planned over for these holiday weeks, you need to be vigilant to avoid bed bug infestations. They are excellent hitch hikers and would love to hitch a ride home with you this holiday season. Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to share some tips to keep you safe from bed bugs during your holiday travel.

Check Hotel Bed Bug Registry

Before you make any selections on a hotel, you should do some research. You can look up any hotels that you are considering to make sure they haven’t had a bed bug infestation recently. The Bed Bug Registry will have all hotels that have had any issues listed there, so you can be aware of recent activity. Keep in mind though, that if they are registered with this site, it doesn’t mean that hotel still has a problem. It is likely that the problem has been resolved by now.

Protect Luggage from Bed Bugs

When you are choosing the luggage you will use for your holiday vacation, pick luggage that is bed bug resistant. The best option among luggage types is hard shelled luggage. This will not have as many cracks and crevices that make good hiding places for bed bugs.

Inspect Your Hotel Room for Signs of Bed Bugs

As you arrive at your hotel, before you bring any of your luggage into the room do a thorough inspection. It is ideal if you have a flashlight to get a good look at all the cracks in the mattress and behind any furniture to check for any signs of bed bugs. You will be looking for any blood smears, the bugs themselves, and any bits and pieces of the castes they leave behind. Check the furniture as well since bed bugs don’t just hide out in your mattress.

Keep Luggage Off the Floor

When you are all settled I your room, you want to avoid storing your suitcases on the floor. There are usually luggage carts that are kept in the closet of most hotel rooms and can be set up to hold your luggage. This will keep your luggage off the floor, where it will be more likely to encounter bed bugs.

Inspect Luggage for Bed Bugs Once Your Arrive Home

Once you have arrived home from your holiday travels, don’t be so fast to unload your luggage and take it inside. Before you put your suitcases in your home, look through them and inspect them for any bed bug activity. Any laundry that you may be worried about, should be laundered at the highest heat settings to kill any bugs that might be present.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

If you find yourself unfortunately bringing home bed bugs after your holiday travels, don’t hesitate to call Stewart Termite & Pest Control to come and take care of your bed bug problem. Because bed bug reproduce so quickly, the problem can get out of control quickly. Call us today!