How to Keep Overwintering Boxelder Bugs & Other Pest Invaders Out of Your Home in Meadville, PA

Over-wintering pests often hibernate in peoples homes during the winter. Some of these pests can come in droves and cause damage to your home. There are several types of insects that will over-winter in buildings and homes. Stewart Termite & Pest Controlwill share some of these over-wintering pests you might want to keep an eye out for this winter season.

How to Prevent Overwintering Pests in Your Home

Over-wintering pests usually find homes a great place to sleep until warmer weather conditions arrive. Many of these pests will find their way into your home either by small cracks in doors or windows, vents and chimneys. They love making themselves at home in attic spaces as well. Your best defense is prevention. Sealing up the cracks and vents or chimneys with a fine metal meshing, repairing or replacing window screens will prevent access through windows. After they get into your home, it is time to call your pest control company. Here are some of the common pests that you will find over-wintering in your homes.

Boxelder Bugs

The boxelder bug is a garden pest that that effects yards and gardens during the heat of summer. An adult Boxelder bug can grow up to 1/2inch in length. They have distinct red and black markings. They don’t actually cause any damage to homes or cause harm to people. However they emit a nasty smell that draws other Boxelder bugs to their location. Don’t crush them or they can leave a stain. They got their name due to their diet preference of feeding on Boxelder tree seeds and other maple tree seeds. Of course as the cooler season approaches they will begin looking for a warm place to wait out the winter.

Asian Lady Beetles

Asian lady beetles are a great beneficial insect that prevents aphids, mites and other insects that do harm to yards and gardens. They come in various colors that range from red, to yellow and orange, always with black spots on their shells. They gather in large clusters as the weather cools down. Once it is cold enough they will also over winter or hibernate inside homes. Other than their large numbers, and if your home stays warm enough, they will continue to crawl and fly around your home.

Cluster Flies

These flies start their lives as a parasite that lives in earthworms. Once the larva emerges it will continue its life outdoors. When the colder weather starts to set in, they will cluster together. You will find them in large cluster on the bark of trees. They will also come into surrounding homes.

Leaf-Footed Pine Seed Bugs

These pests feed on pine cone seeds and are widely spread throughout the United States. Adult Leaf-Foot Pine Seed Bugs grow up to ¾ of an inch long and have a dull brownish color. These insects will gather in large numbers as the weather begins to cool. These insects are very thin and can slip through small cracks. As you warm your home up, they will become active again. At this point, you will have a major infestation problem.

Year Round Pest Control

Many of the common pests to over-winter in people’s homes are not dangerous or cause great damage to a home. However they all gather in large numbers that can make your home smell bad and obviously no one wants bugs running around their homes. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can help if you have discovered an infestation of these insects. Call us today and we will help relieve you of all unwanted pests.