How to Keep Cockroaches Under Control in Youngstown, PA; Clean House, Professional Pest Management & More

Nothing makes people cringe quite like a cockroach infestation. They have a pretty disgusting reputation for thriving in filthy places when in reality, they can thrive in neat and tidy places just as easily. If your home has been infested with cockroaches, this pest can be extremely hard to get rid of. Stewart Termite & Pest Control shares some identifying facts about cockroaches.

Most Common Types of Cockroaches

There are four cockroaches that are most commonly found in Pennsylvania. They are the German, American, Oriental and Brown Banded cockroaches.
American Cockroach– They are a reddish brown color with antennae that are long or longer than their body. They are often found in dark, moist places. The American Cockroach is usually searching for water and can be found around drains and pipes or in basements. They can also be found outside around the yard where leaves pile up and other places that might accumulate water and moisture.
German Cockroach– These cockroaches are tan or light brown. Even though these cockroaches have wings they are unable to fly. This cockroach is the most common cockroach found in homes across the country. They will feed on a variety of foods and are most often found in kitchens around water sources. The German Cockroach can often be found near garbage scavenging for food.
Oriental Cockroach– These black colored cockroaches are found in very wet conditions that are cool, like basements. If you see these cockroaches in other areas of your house, it may be an indication of water damage. If you can get rid of the moisture and humidity in your home, you will be less likely to see this type of cockroach.
Brown Banded Cockroach – Brown banded roaches are a small species and are named after the light brown or tan transverse bands present on the wings of the adult and across the body of the nymphs. This cockroach species needs warm temperatures to survive so they often enter homes looking for shelter.

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation?

As a general rule, cockroaches are most active at night. If you are seeing them scurry about your floors during the day, this might be an indication of an infestation. Because cockroaches reproduce at such a rapid speed, it doesn’t take long for an infestation to happen. It is important to call Defense Pest Control at the first sighting to avoid an infestation.

Diseases & Health Problems Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches have been proven to carry diseases that can pose a risk to your health. Studies have shown that cockroaches carry salmonella, cholera, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and tetanus. They leave fecal matter and regurgitated food in their path that can carry disease and contaminate your home. Immediate removal of these insects is the only way to avoid this.

Cockroach Control

Just because you have a clean home, doesn’t mean you don’t have a cockroach problem. They are often times found in garages, in or behind boxes and other protective places. They can go months without eating so they don’t necessarily have to stay near or around food. Keeping your house clean does help immensely in making sure these insects stay away. If you spot cockroaches scurry away as you turn on your kitchen light, don’t hesitate to call Stewart Termite & Pest Control to eliminate your cockroach problem. Where there is one cockroach, there are sure to be more.