Worst Cities for Bed Bugs – Pittsburgh, PA Makes Top 20! How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestations

When it comes to the amount of calls that pest control companies are getting to treat for bed bugs, it has skyrocketed. The interesting thing about bed bugs, is that the United States had a very minor issue with them as little as ten years ago. They were far and in-between and there was no need for a list of the worst infested cities. There are now huge increases in nearly every state in the amount of treatments that are necessary. The number one city on the list happens to be Washington D.C but just a few spaces down at number 12 is Philadelphia and number 19 is Pittsburgh. That is a problem for the entire state of Pennsylvania so it is a good idea to understand the reason why. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines some of the reasons behind the increase in bed bug treatments needed in our state.

Why are Bed Bugs Becoming More Common?

Some studies have looked at the rise of bed bug infestations and found that there are a few hypothesis. One of them is that as air travel has become more and more popular and affordable, the more people are using airlines to fly. The problem is that you are opening yourself up to a bed bug encounter by sitting next to someone, staying in a hotel or motel, and putting luggage in the general baggage claim. It takes one person that has failed to recognize they are infested to spread it and send it to many other areas of the world.

Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Professional Help?

Another reason is that people have a stigmatism with bed bugs that may make them feel they are unclean or feel shame in reporting the problem. It can lead to them waiting to contact a professional pest control company and instead attempt to treat them on their own. The problem is that while you attempt a home treatment you are still heading to work, school, the store and other places of business. Every time that you leave and contact another person or their belongings you are potentially spreading bed bugs. The problem is that bed bugs do not mean dirty or unclean. They have been found in expensive high rise hotels, locker rooms of professional athletic teams and all sorts of places of business. On the contrary a bed bug would prefer a nice clean and neat place to live to make movement and travel easier for them.

How Can You Get Rid of a Bed Bug Infestation?

The very best way to be part of the bed bug infestation solution is to contact a professional company immediately at the first sign of bed bugs. You want to clear your home with proper treatments to help stop them from spreading to your neighbors and others that you come in contact with. The treatment for bed bugs are specialized to that particular bug and general pesticide treatments will not work.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

If you suspect you have a problem with bed bugs, give Stewart Termite & Pest Control today.