How Common is Entomophobia? How to Overcome a Phobia of Bugs & Other Pests in Meadville, PA

Just about everyone has some type of fear whether it is a fear of heights or a fear of confined spaces. When it comes to the pest world you might be surprised to know that there are many common phobias you can have. The interesting thing is that there are not very many people that like pests around their house or around themselves. Just because you don’t want to have pests on or around you does not actually mean you have a phobia. A phobia is a more extreme and unwarranted fear in something or an aversion to it. Of course no one wants to be trapped in a small space but if this is something that sends you over the edge it can be a phobia. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines some of the common phobias found in the pest world.

Musophobia; Fear of Mice or Rats

If you see a mouse you might have a reaction but if you see a mouse or a rat and you go running for high ground you may have musophobia. This is a phobia that people have when it comes to rats and mice and sadly they are a common pest in many homes. They can take over your basement, attic or home if left untreated. Although they are a common pest they can still be people that have a phobia. This particular phobia is one that usually effects the person when they first come in contact with a rat or mouse and it causes a severe panic.

Myrmecophobia; Phobia of Ants

If you are out at a picnic and enjoying sometime in the yard you might come across a colony of ants. They tend to get in your yard or around your house and will start their search for food. There is a phobia when it comes to ants that is called myrmecophobia and can affect people that are fearful of ants. This phobia does not only include just a fear only but they can think that the ants are going to get on them or start to contaminate their food.

Arachnophobia; Phobia of Spiders

One of the phobias that people have has to do with spiders. Spiders are something that many people are scared of and don’t want to see. The media has gained a lot of money on this fear with movies and more. The fear of spiders can be so significant that you can have a phobia. This phobia also includes the fear that the spider will bite you and the venom will cause an adverse reaction that required medical attention.

Katsaridaphobia; Scared of Cockroaches

There are some pests that seem to not have a reason to be around. Cockroaches are one of them and their slimy and germ infested lives make them a pest that has a specific phobia. The fear of cockroaches is something that causes people to panic when they see them running out of the cupboards and off the counters in your kitchen.

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