How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches in Edinboro, PA; Life Cycle, Diet, Habitat & More

In general, cockroaches are nasty, grotesque critters that are unsanitary to have in our living space. Their indifference to where they live, what they crawl through, and what they will eat is enough to make anyone gag. With their habits, they easily pickup a variety of germs and bacteria, they are known for spreading diseases and viruses as well as triggering allergy symptoms and asthma. Where Pennsylvania has several common roaches common to the area, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to share the basics concerning American cockroaches.

What Do American Cockroaches Look Like?

Within the United States, the American cockroaches is the largest species of cockroach. These species range from 1 ½” and 2” in length. From multiple shades of reddish brown, brown, and mahogany these roaches vary in color. The majority of American cockroaches are marked with a yellow band just behind their head, no matter their primary coloring. Though rarely used, American roaches have fully developed wings by the time they are adults. When they do take flight, people notice the clumsy and awkward when American cockroach are in flight, as a result, the seem to prefer to run. As one of the fastest insects around, they run to the equivalent of a person running 210 miles per hour at being clocked in at 3 miles per hour. Forgoing flying, the speed allows them to invade many predators. You can see their great speed as they dart to the quickest refuge they can find when the lights are flickered on.

American Cockroach Life Cycle

Should they survive their lifespan, American cockroaches can live for about a year after reaching the adult phase. Nearly 150 hatchlings are produced by females. Through their rapid lifecycles, these roaches have 3 life cycles of being; egg, nymph, and adult. The eggs will hatch after 6-8 weeks and the they are adults within 6-12 months. After being hatched and into the nymph stage, they do not have fully developed wings yet.

Diet & Habitat of American Cockroaches

Being omnivorous, American cockroach’s diet isn’t specific, and they will eat anything. These roaches do however favor decaying matter such as; soiled clothing, organic matter such as glue, hair, pet food, beer, meats, plants, cheese, leather, cosmetics, paper products, other insects, and are partial to fermented fruit. Though they do require water, American roaches can go without water for up to 2 weeks. Commonly spotted near sewers and drains, American cockroaches tends to find places close to food and water and prefer dark, warm, and damp locations.

Cockroach Control

Since they prefer convenient water sources, American cockroaches will often be found around home’s foundation, in crawl spaces, under porches, and in dark cracks and crevices. During the winter months to escape the frigid temperature, American cockroaches wonder into your home or business. If they are squatting in your garage and you pass through while flickering on the light they quickly dash for the nearest darkest corner, American cockroaches are nocturnal, avoid sunlight and shy away from most artificial light. If your Philly home is infested with American cockroaches or any other type of roach, call Stewart Termite & Pest Control and let our certified experts do the rest.