How to Get Rid of Hornets in the Ground, Nest in the Wall, Roof & More in Youngstown, PA

Hornets are a type of wasp. Many people have a hard time telling them apart from other wasps, especially yellow jackets. Hornets are bigger and there are at least twenty species. One thing all people can tell you about hornets is that they have a mean sting that can be deadly to some people. While they can be dangerous, hornets are quite interesting.

Are Hornets Aggressive?

Yes, hornets can be scary because their sting carries five times more poison than an ordinary wasp. They also like to attack in large numbers making them even more scary. What might surprise you is that hornets are shy and live in large numbers away from potential disturbances. But like many other insects that live in large groups, they will not hesitate to attack when they feel their home is in danger.

Where to Find Hornets Nest?

Depending in the species, hornets have different living preferences. For the most part, they create nests above the ground in high areas like trees, hollow tree trunks and roofs. These nests are shaped like a football and are made of saliva and chewed wood giving them a paper-like texture. There are some species that will create their nests in the ground where it feels more private and secure.

Giant Hornets Hunt Honey Bees

Hornets are a nightmare for bees. This may sound strange considering bees are very smart and can be just as dangerous. Bees are only a danger to people and other animals when they attack, but not so much for hornets. Bees are about five times smaller than hornets and don’t stand a chance if attacked. Bees are perfect prey for hornets because they are a great source of protein, produce sweet food and are easy targets. One giant bee can kill up to forty bees in only a minute. That means that an entire colony can be wiped out with an attack by just a few giant hornets.

Hornet Sting

Hornets tend to mind their own business and stings are rare. One sting from a hornet isn’t potentially lethal, but because they are so big, they release a lot. Hornets are the one insect that releases the most venom per sting. What makes them even more dangerous is that they can sting over and over again, unlike bees.

Hornet Lifespan

A hornet colony lives for about a year because the queen only lives for about a year. She stores sperm inside her during the winter and uses it to fertilize eggs in the spring. Worker hornets live from spring to summer and drones will die right after eggs have been fertilized.

Stinging Insect Control

You should consider hornets hostile because they can’t read your motives. They will attack if you knowingly approach their colony of if you do it unintentionally. The sting of just one hornet is very painful for humans and can be potentially fatal. If you notice hornets on your property, contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control.