Do Carpenter Bees Sting? How to Repel & Get Rid of Carpenter Bee Pests in Pittsburgh, PA

When you hear people talk about pests most people know that they are nothing more than a nuisance. Of course spiders can be seen as beneficial because they eat other insects that might be in your home. Other pests are the type that will come in your home and invade your space and even damage your property. On the pest list there are also stinging insects wasps and even bees. If you watch any level of news in the last few years you know that bees are in real trouble. Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and they are needed in many aspects of our life. With that said most people just lump bees and wasps together in one big stinging insect group. The problem is that there are several species of bees that are part of the ones you want to have around but there are some that are not so great. Honey bees are the species you want to see around and are the ones that will not only produce honey but work hard to pollinate. Carpenter bees are a whole other story and you want to be cautious if you see them.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Explains Why Carpenter Bees Are Harmful

What is a Carpenter Bee?: The problem that many people have is that they do not know what species of bees they are dealing with. One of the best ways to tell them apart is to know what their characteristics are. The carpenter bee is different from a honey bee because of their coloring. The carpenter bee is dark in color and will not have any of the yellow markings that a honey bee is well known for. They also don’t have hair on their body either. There are two main carpenter bees and they are either a large or small bee. If you think you have carpenter bees around your home, it is best to call out a professional right away.
Carpenter Bee Property Damage: Carpenter bees are a problem when it comes to the wood around your house. They are attracted to the unfinished wood. If you have an old wood pile, a dead tree or your home has exposed wood on the house, these are all areas that they will gain access to and start the damage that they are known for.
What Damage Do Carpenter Bees Cause?: The problem that these bees bring is damage to the wood around your home. They are going to gain access to the wood beams around your house and tunnel through. This will start to weaken the structure of the home and you will need to have some major repairs after they are exterminated from your home. You can often see them sneaking out of a small hole in the exposed wood.
Do Carpenter Bees Sting?: Female carpenter bees can sting you, although this is very unlikely t occur unless you are handling them or poking around their nests. Male carpenter bees do not sting but they do hover outside the burrow exit guarding the nest and may fly at you aggressively if you get too close.

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