Signs of Carpenter Ants in the Walls of Your Edinboro, PA House & How to Get Rid of Them

There are some pests you may have invading your home that are messy and will cause chaos in the house. While there are other pests that are simply an annoyance and bothersome. Then there are the pests that actually cause damage to your home and property. You should be concerned about all pests that have tried to invade your residence. The ones that are the most concern are the ones that will cause trouble with your health and damage your home. There are several species of ants that fit many of the categories but the carpenter ant is the one that will cause a serious amount of damage. If you don’t know what a carpenter ant is and what damage they can do, it is a good idea to learn more.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Offers Some Facts About Carpenter Ants You Should Know

Carpenter Ants Love All Kinds of Wood: There are some people that think as long as they don’t have a decaying log on their property they don’t have to worry about carpenter ants. The interesting fact is that they do love to eat away at perfect piece of rotting wood but they will not pass up a hard piece of wood either. They have large jaws that allow them to get through wood that is hard just as easily as a soft decaying piece. That is why your house is at risk even if you don’t have damaged wood. The wood is a part of the houses frame and if it gets damaged it can cause a problem for the homes structure.
Carpenter Ants Don’t Eat Wood: The problem that some people come across is that they don’t know if they are dealing with a termite or carpenter ant infestation. The biggest difference that you will find is that termites will actually eat the wood. This is part of their diet along with other fibrous plants. Carpenter ants are not eating the wood but chewing through to make tunnels. The wood that they chewed through will be used to travel. They will actually still seek out food such as sugar and other crumbs that you might be leaving behind.
Carpenter Ant Bites Are Painful: When you get bitten by an ant you may feel a quick pinch that might follow with some itching. The difference when you are bitten by a carpenter ant is that they have a pretty hurtful bite. One top of the fact that they have large mandibles they also will inject a toxin into your skin that will cause their bite to sting more than most. There are some species of carpenter ants that will actually explode when they bite. They are an ant that will go on the attack if you disturb their nest or colony.
Carpenter Ants Like to Clean: There are lots of pests that are a mess and drag their mess all over the house. The carpenter ant is a pest that is actually clean and neat in their nest and tunnels. They will take time to remove food and debris as well as dead ants from the area. They might leave these things out on the ground around your home.

Carpenter Ant Control

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