What Are Bugs & Insects Attracted to in Erie, PA? Flowers, Bright Colors, Perfumes & More

There are some pests that are a real pain depending on the type of weather outside. The pests you can be sure will be invading your home when it is cold outside are the ones that hate the cold. They need a warm space to continue to live through the winter. Some examples are spiders, mice and ants that want to have warmth and access to food. When the weather starts to warm up, the amount of pests that come out increase. There are lots of pests that need to have warm weather to come out of overwintering. The types of pests that become hard to deal with in the warmer months are bees, wasps, flies and even cockroaches. When you are around these types of pests you want to be sure that you stay away and keep clear of the ones that are sure to sting you. That is why you need to be sure that you are not attracting pests to your home and property.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists What You Might Be Doing to Attract Spring & Summer Pests

What Colors Are Wasps & Pests Attracted to?: If you are concerned about pests this summer and you want to do what you can to keep them away from you it is important to know what attracts them. Your clothes can be exactly what will attract pests to you. When it comes to most pests with the exception of mosquitoes they are attracted to bright colors. The reason is because they are looking for flowers and bright colored foods. That is why if you show up in a shirt that is one of those bright colors such as yellow or even white pests will be more likely to head your way. You want to try and stick to colors that are a bit darker if you are concerned about pests. This will help deter them from landing on you and finding a fresh flower instead.
What Scents Are Bees & Pests Attracted to?: If you go through your beauty products they are sure to all have some sort of scent. That is often what sells the item. We are all too happy to have a nice aroma as we head out the door for the day. We use shampoo, soap and cologne to spruce up our own smell but this is what a pest may associate with food. If you smell like a flower you might be mistaken for one. It is best to go with mild soaps if you know you will be outside and around pests.
Exposed Skin Attracts Biting Insects: If you are worried about being attacked or stung by a pest then you want to avoid giving them a canvas. The canvas that is being referred to is your skin. They will head for an open area of skin so it is best to cover up as much as you can. You can use nice thin layers of clothes to keep cool but still cover your skin up while outdoors.

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