Are Sac, Jumping, Garden & American House Spiders Harmful and/or Aggressive in Hermitage, PA?

Like most places, Pennsylvania attracts a wide variety of people, from different backgrounds, all shapes and all sizes, some eccentric others docile, and some even violent. The same can be said about the spiders native to our home state. The good news is that finding some venomous spiders, like brown recluses for instance, are extremely rare. The bad news is that others such as black widows are native to Pennsylvania. Fortunately, Stewart Termite & Pest Control are experts at determining what species is present and we have the skill and experience to help prevent and exterminate unwanted spider infestations in your home.

Are Broad-Faced Sac Spiders Harmful?

Spiders can look intimidating while others have a nasty bite such as the sac spider. These little pests are commonly found in your home, and will bite, leaving painful and itchy sores in their wake. They have ninja like skills, as they are not easily found, mostly due to their tiny stature. They only range from 1/4″- 3/8″ in size. Their front 2 legs, are longer than the rest. Sac Spiders come in assortment of colors, and generally found to be yellow, tan, pale green or a light brown.

Are American House Spiders Aggressive?

The American house spider is also another that likes the comfort of your home. Finding corners or window sills that go undisturbed, these little critters will build their web where they can easily ensnare their meals. Their coloring is usually yellow and brown with ray and black markings, and are easily identifiable with their round abdomens. They are not aggressive.

Can Jumping Spiders Hurt You?

One of the most entertaining spiders in Pennsylvania can be found in the forests, mountains or sandy areas, and they are the jumping spider. The scurry the grounds in search of food, or will jump along, but will always jump on their prey. With larger legs than most spiders, they are also the furry sort and come featured with an eye pattern unique to spiders, which include one pair of large eyes, and one pair of large eyes. Jumping spiders are not dangerous to humans.

Should You Kill Garden Spiders?

If you enjoy gardening, look out for the garden spiders, which are yellow and black. They weave extraordinary webs usually no more than 3 feet from the ground and prefer to spin these beautiful webs on flowers, vegetation, and trees. These spiders have round abdomens, with elegant coloring of black markings, and their legs have yellow stripes or orange in their coloring. These spiders are beneficial animals and are not dangerous, despite their large size. Garden spiders should be relocated to another part of the yard where they will be out of the way of human traffic.

Spider Control

Some spiders are beneficial, others are a nuisance. No matter where you stand on spiders in your home or property, Stewart Termite & Pest Control is the leading authority in evicting spiders. With our professional’s expertise, state of the art equipment, and high quality chemicals, spiders are easily removed from your home. To keep them out, having one of our specialists perform a routine maintenance spray, will hinder the uninvited guests from feeling welcome. Call us today to schedule your appointment and let the professionals terminate your spider infestation.