How Do I Know if I Have a Bed Bug Infestation in New Castle, PA? Can You Visually See Bed Bugs?

Having a bed bug infestation in your commercial business or residential home can be detrimental. No one wants to risk going into a business with a reputation of bed bugs, and dealing with bed bugs in your home can be more than an annoyance, it could be a heavy burden. Luckily, if you find your commercial business or residential home has been infested with bed bugs in the Pittsburgh, PA area, you have the experts from Stewart Termite & Pest Control coming to your rescue. Our team of professionals are all fully licensed, insured and certified to provide bed bug services. Being the top specialist in our field, we utilize effective techniques and methods in detection, and take advantage of exclusive professional grade equipment and products to ensure our valued customers that they are receiving superior services with premium results.

Can You Visually See Bed Bugs?

At Stewart Termite & Pest Control, our visual inspectors have been masterfully trained to know bed bugs. We can detect all the places they may be hiding via our visual inspections. When it comes to bed bugs, you may not even realize you have an infestation right away. Bed bugs are small, flat, round and brown, although after they hijack some of your blood for their pleasure, they appear red and engorged. Bed bugs are nocturnal and feed while you sleep, during the day they look to seek refuge in tiny gaps and crevices, which can be virtually anywhere.

How Do I Know if I Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

To help you detect an infestation early, we have compiled a list of warning signs your residential home is infested with bed bugs.
Bed Bug Bites. Where this fairly obvious, many folks often dismiss bed bug bites as mosquito bites. Bed bug bites, however, are more distinctive. Though they can be found anywhere on your body, they tend to leach on along the shoulders, back and arm. Their bites are usually in a line, and are itchy, red, and blotchy. The bite itself is harmless, and though it doesn’t appear they spread any diseases or illnesses, no one particularly cares to be a host or have bed bugs residing in their home.
Stained Sheets & Bedding. Another sign bed bugs have feasted while you were slumbering are the dark, blood or rusty stains left behind from bites, shed skin, or fecal matter. As the bed bug reaches each life cycle, it will shed the skin as it matures.
Pungent Bed Bug Odor. Bed bugs emit a musty and sweet odor from their scent glands. The scent glands secrete aromatic chemicals, a type of pheromone. Many don’t connect the unfamiliar unpleasant smell to bed bugs, but the more there are, the stronger the odor.
Commercial businesses can assume bed bugs are present with the same warning signs, although their guests may or may not complain of the bites, noticing the other signs might help you with early detection before you are negatively impacted by harsh reviews on popular consumer websites.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your commercial business or residential home in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area, call in the professionals from Stewart Termite & Pest Control today!