How Do Ticks, Fleas, Flies & Other Pests Spread Pathogens, Bacteria & Disease in Meadville, PA?

It is no secret that the different pests biting people can potentially spread disease. But the CDC, or the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention have revealed that diseases have tripled over the last decade from bug and other pest bites. As a result, more and more pest control companies are ready and able to target the pests commonly known to spread disease with their bites. For instance, Stewart Termite & Pest Control knows that fleas and ticks can cause a real problem for people with the diseases they likely carry and can easily past to their hosts. With that in mind, we would like to touch on some of the diseases locals should be aware of.

How are the Diseases Carried By Ticks Transmitted?

The black-legged tick, commonly referred to as the deer tick, is a blood-sucking carrier of Lyme disease. A tick can range in size from a period at the end of a sentence to a sesame seed, depending on its age, sex, and the timing since its last meal. The disease-causing bacteria responsible for Lyme disease is actually in the white-footed mice along with other rodents and birds these ticks commonly will feed on. When the uninfected larva tick attaches to the mouse, it will pickup the disease as it feed on a diseased host’s blood. The bacteria is then spread to the next mammal it bites, whether it is a human, one of their pets, or another domestic or wild animal while in the nymph stage. The adult ticks will mate and eventually drop off their host to lay their eggs, starting the cycle all over again. According to the CDC, in 2015, with 7,351 confirmed cases Pennsylvania led the nation in the number of confirmed Lyme disease and New Jersey with 3,932 confirmed cases. In the same year a nationwide count of confirmed cases, where the majority were in the Northeast United States, totaled 28,453 cases.

Do House Flies Spread Bacteria & Pathogens?

The flies in the area can also potentially spread diseases. In a similar fashion to the ticks, when they bite an infected host they can transmit it through a bite. A bacterial diseases known as Tularemia or sometimes referenced as rabbit fever is the common disease spread. More than a nuisance, the buzzing flies can potentially deliver more than a painful bite.

How Does a Flea Infect a Human?

Pests tend to suffer more so than humans from these diseased fleas, particularly the stray animals. Because many homes are being abandoned, the grass becomes unkept, allowing for fleas to get out of control and spread. As a result, pest specialists have encouraged the locals to vaccinate their pests, manicure their landscapes, and invest in professional pest treatments for their homes and yards.

Pest Management

These are just a few examples of the increased diseases affecting people and animals as result of the increased pest bites spreading the diseases. We encourage our customers and the locals to contact us today and let our experts get your home protected for these potential threats to avoid these diseases that can be spread through a bug or other pest bite. Call us today to schedule your appointment.