Why Do Bugs & Pests Come in My Hermitage, PA House During Summer? Pest Prevention Tips

A lot of people seem to notice the increase in pest activity during the summer time. The stinging insects, flies, cockroaches, ants, and other insects seem to be running rampant and are frequently found indoors. We at Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like to relate a few reasons as to why summer increases a lot of pest activity.

Are There More Bugs & Pests in the Summer Season

1) Abundant food sources. The vegetation growth is enhanced during the summer, as homeowners notice how frequently the grass needs to be mowed, and the bushes and trees need to be trimmed. The left-over debris left behind offers many pests a variety of foods. Once the food source has depleted, the pests move on to another source, which is often inside people’s homes.
2) Temperature is warmer. Behavior and development of most pests is affected by the temperatures. One pests meet their limit to the growing heat, just as people have their tolerance levels, they will escape the heat to nearby structures. Air-conditioned homes is a prime location for any pest that is having difficulty in the hot temperatures.
3) Increase in moisture. The increase in moisture brought from summer storms and increased humidity levels can offer pests favorable living conditions and a water source. As they are attracted to the moisture, activity increases and in times of drought, they are desperate for water and will look for it in your home.
4) More daylight hours. Fewer evening hours during the summer and more daylight hours allows the daylight crawlers more time to feast, whether by hinting or scavenging, their foraging for food is frequently noticed with the extra activity. Not only will a lot of these pests be out in force to find food, but they will bite or sting, increasing the health concerns.
5) Life cycles. The different stages in their life cycles are also highly impacted by weather and temperature, especially since most pests are cold-blooded. With the warmer weather, their activity is amplified.

Tips for Prevention of Household Pests

With the extra pest activity, below are a few tips to prevent infestations:
– Maintain the gutters by removing any debris an ensuring they operate smoothly as well as repair any water leaks to minimize standing water.
– Keep the outdoor trash cans stored away from the house and ensure they are securely closed. Every few weeks with hot soapy water, wash the cans; odors attract pests, and especially in summer where the intense heat amplifies the smell, you will want to make sure they trash bins are washed.
– Look for any cracks and crevices in the walls, floor and pavement in the foundation and exterior structure, seal with weather-resistant sealant if any are found. Use caulk to seal exposed pipe or conduit penetrations. Install mesh coverings and use weather stripping around windows and doors should any ventilation openings are accessible.
– Ensure grass is trimmed, and trees and bushes are cut back to prevent the home from being encroached on. This helps prevent harborage and hidden entry points, in addition to keeping clearance of at least two feet from your home.

Pest Management Services

In addition to your efforts, call Stewart Termite and Pest Control for pest management services and let our experts help keep the summer pests out of your home. Contact us for a consultation and inspection today!