What Kinds of Rodents Live in New Castle, PA; Deer & House Mice, Roof & Norway Rats & More

Rodents are a common problem nearly anywhere in the world. Where some regions have specific issues with selected rodents or even species of general rodents, Pennsylvania is no exception and has its fair share. Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like to briefly account the rodents common to our area.

List of Rodents Commonly Found in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has its mice, rats, voles and squirrels among others. Most rodents pose a problem to property owners due to their destructive habits when foraging for food or nesting materials as well as posing serious health risks. If you should have any problems with rodents in your home or business, you should immediately contact the professional assistance of Stewart Termite and Pest Control!
Common House & Deer Mouse: There are two mice species that frequently scurry across surfaces in homes, which can be difficult to tell apart at first glance. Both species feature pointed noses, black beady eyes, tiny ears, and thin tails that are roughly the same length as their bodies. Common mouse species include the Common House Mouse and Deer Mouse. The common house mouse prefers to live inside homes and don’t mind sharing space with humans. They will easily infest anywhere in your home, but usually prefer to be close to the food source. These mice reproduce fairly quickly and contaminate food and destroy structures. Deer mice, however, favor the outdoors, living in various spaces that offer shelter and safety. If they move into structures, they prefer attics, cellars, and crawl spaces. These mice pose a serious health risk.
Roof Rats and Norway Rats: Like the common mice, the frequently seen rats consists of two types; the Roof & Norway Rats, and like the two mice species, these rat types can be difficult to discern from one another. Both are typical rat size; stocky and large. They both feature thick tails and rounded noses. Coloring is often what helps identify them. Roof rats are often traveling in high places like trees and rooftops. From there, they will find faults in the structure and slip inside homes. Ensuring your rooftops are secure and sealed will help you avoid their intrusions. Norway rats are brown or reddish brown in coloring and prefer burrows to inhabit that are safely tucked away under junk piles. However, Norway rats will easily gain access to homes looking for food or shelter if the desire strikes.
Northern Flying, Gray, Red & Fox Squirrels: Locals know all too well that squirrels are ever present in our borders. Not at all shy, these critters are known to be trusting of humans, but like rats and mice, they carry contaminates in their waste that can pose a health concern. The Northern Flying Squirrel is nocturnal and will infest garages, sheds, attic spaces, and other exterior structures. Additionally, Pennsylvanians commonly run into Gray Squirrels, Red Squirrels, and Fox Squirrels.
Voles: Finally, the last rodent worth mentioning that is fairly common are voles. Greatly resembling mice and often referred to as meadow mice, these rodents are small and generally stay outside, destroying gardens and landscapes. They will also infest homes looking for food and shelter. They will also damage structure, personal property and utility lines.

Rodent Control

No matter what rodent may be overstating their welcome, Stewart Termite and Pest Control can rescue your from their overbearing infestations to help you keep your home safe from damage and loved ones from ailments. Contact us for a pest inspection and custom treatment plan today!