How Many Spiders Are There in the Whole World? How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Erie, PA Home

As if spiders were not scary enough on their own there is some scary facts from one study to consider. Spiders have always been a pest that send people running and hiding. There are movies that feed on the fear of spiders, arachnophobia. This is the fear of spiders and just the look of them is enough to bring out that panic. A spider is an arachnid and there are millions of species that come in all sorts of sizes, colors and dangers. Some spiders like the wolf spider even carry their young on their back and when disturbed you may see them scatter. The majority of spiders are scared of people and feed strictly on insects and fruits and foods. They will run and hide if they see danger coming. With all of that people have a healthy fear of these eight legged critters and they probably have never heard about this newer study.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Explains What You Need to Know About Spider Infestations

How Many Spiders Are There in the Whole World?: The interesting thing about pests in general is that they are all over the planet. They are found in homes and other areas on the earth and the results of the study may surprise you. The study looked at homes in one particular state and found that 100% of the homes were found to have spiders. That is every single home that has spiders so as you sit there reading this you are sharing your residence with at least one spider. Spiders are often hiding in dark areas that are out of the way of your everyday living but none the less they are there. The study looked at how many spiders are found in any given area and estimated there were about 130 spiders in each square meter of the earth. Although this differs depending on the terrain there are spiders found everywhere. In terms of weight, spiders if they were gathered up, would weigh the same as more than 470 Titanic’s!
How Much Do Spiders Eat?: The amount in terms of tons that spiders eat in any given year is astonishing. Spiders tend to eat insects but there are also some species that will feed on birds and small animals. When they looked at the amount of prey that was consumed by spiders it was found that they ate from 400 to 800 billion tons of food tons in each and every year! That is a lot and may be hard to understand what that looks like. To help with understanding, that is more than the biomass of all humans on earth by far. That means that if spiders did eat humans they could extinguish all of us within a years time!

Spider Control

The amount of spiders that are found on the earth aren’t really all bad news. Most spider species aren’t venomous but it is difficult to tell which species are harmful and which are harmless. If you see spiders in your home and aren’t sure; call a professional pest control company. Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers spider and other pest control services so call our office today for a consultation.