Types of Ticks Found in Hermitage, PA; Identification of Blacklegged or Deer Tick, American Dog Tick & More

At Stewart Termite & Pest Control has been offering expert pest control services to the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area since 1987! Applying our trade to our valued customers is a passion, and fighting the pests that enter your home or business is important to us. We are fully licensed and insured, and our exceptional professionals have been certified to care for your pest infestation needs. Ticks are an especially difficult pest to fully eradicate for the untrained individual. The good news is that Stewart Termite & Pest Control has advanced training and experience to perform an in depth inspection, and effectively exterminate the ticks ruining your outdoor events.

Types of Ticks Found in Pittsburgh, PA

Ticks found in Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania include blacklegged or deer ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks and groundhog ticks. There are quite a few species roaming the U.S., but the more common tick inflicting local homes as the before mentioned deer tick and American dog tick. Generally, ticks chose their host to feast upon, and in so doing they can transmit diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or Lyme disease. A favorable host for any ticks is warm blooded animals.

Blacklegged or Deer Tick Identification

Deer ticks derive their name from preferring to leach onto the white-tailed deer. Ticks are brown in color, but will attain a reddish hue after banqueting on blood. They go through 3 cycles through the course of their lives. Ticks begin after hatching from their eggs, which are known as larvae, maturing into nymphs, followed by adulthood. Requiring a bloody meal to evolve into the next stage, they will abandon their hosts to shed the skin. If the original host is close by, it will simply reattach, if necessary they will climb up a blade of grass and transfer onto the next edible host that passes by. Hikers and campers should check themselves to avoid bringing home infestations. Deer ticks are frequently reporting the transmitting of Lyme disease. Good news is that Stewart Termite & Pest Control can identify the tick, inspect your home and yard for them and exterminate the little critters that dare to intrude.

What Does an Engorged American Dog Tick Look Like?

American Dog ticks are commonly known to inflict domestic animals, and often when the pets bring them home, can they then attach to a person. American Dog ticks are more known to spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Their habits and coloring are very similar to Deer ticks. Avoiding picking up these little hitchhiker is optimal but if it happens, Stewart Termite & Pest Control specialize in eradicating them.

Tick Inspection & Control

Stewart Termite & Pest Control professionals conduct a thorough tick inspection, both indoors and outdoors. After which, a customized treatment plan is set up and executed to completely exterminate the ticks plaguing your home. If you suspect a tick infestation plaguing your abode, having us programmed in your smart phone for quick and convenient appointments, is a sure way to start the process on eliminating ticks and other pests in your home or yard today. Call us today to get started!