Scorpion Facts & Myths in Pittsburgh, PA; What Do Scorpions Eat, Meaning of Arachnida & More

Each person, insect, rodent, species, and pet on the planet has its own unique set of attributes that come together to make them who they are. Life would not be as interesting if this was not the case. Think about how you would feel if every human in the world was exactly the same. Our daily life would definitely be different if that were the case. Today Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what makes scorpions different from other insects in the world.

Arachnida Meaning

Scorpions belong to the Arachnida class. Other well known insects in this class are spiders, mites, and ticks. Scorpions have eight legs, one pair of pincers, a venomous stinger, and a narrow tail that frequently curves over their back. They use the different parts of their body against their predators and prey. Scorpions use their pincers to grab their prey. After they have their prey they use their tail stinger to kill or paralyze their prey. They also use their tail to defend themselves against predators.

What Do Scorpions Eat?

Scorpions have an interesting eating pattern. They are capable of eating a massive amount of food at once. In fact, they can eat enough in one meal to keep them alive for 6-12 months. They are able to do this because of their large food storage organs, low metabolic rate, and their inactive lifestyle. Scorpions eat just about anything. They will eat insects, spiders, grubs, earthworms, small rodents, small lizards, and certain types of beetles and spiders.

Scorpions During the Day & Night

During the day scorpions typically hide under rocks or in holes in the ground. As nocturnal animals they come out at night to find their prey. When people go scorpion hunting they go at night because they are more likely to have success. Scorpion hunters take black lights with them. Scorpions glow under UV light due to the presence of fluorescent chemicals in their exoskeleton.

Scorpion Venom

There are over 1,750 species of scorpions. They are found on all continents of the earth except Antarctica. Many people mistakenly think that all scorpions are venomous but only about 25 of the species have venom that can harm a human.

How Long Do Scorpions Live?

Another interesting fact about scorpions is that they live a long life compared to other insects. Many insects have a life span of just a few weeks or months. Some last only a few days. Scorpions that live in the wild live anywhere from two to ten years. If they live in captivity they can live as long as 25 years.

Scorpion Mating Dance

Before scorpions mate they engage in quite an elaborate courtship ritual known as the promenade a’ deux, which literally means a walk for two. The courtship dance starts when the male and female make initial contact. The male takes the female by the pincers and they gracefully walk back and forth. After this happens they mate. If they are living in captivity the female frequently devours the male. In the wild the male will typically leave once mating is completed.

Scorpion Pest Control

If you find scorpions in your home you will want to get rid of them as soon as you can. Getting rid of scorpions can be quite the undertaking. Give Stewart Termite & Pest Control a call and we can device a plan to help you get rid of them.