How to Know if Mice are Coming into Your Erie, PA House; Rodent Scratching Sounds & More

There are some pests that will give you a scare when they scurry past. When you’re heading out for a midnight snack and some cockroaches run back under the cupboard it can be scary. Other pests are not as scary but you still don’t want to come home to find them in your house. These are pests like ants that can infest at a fast rate but are not always extremely alarming. The reason is that they are usually in a line and picking up some crumbs to take right back to the colony. Unless they are disturbed they move out of place. There are other pests that are apt to stay hidden and can be a problem for your house, family and health. One of the ones that you have to look out for are mice. The best thing you can do is to know what to look for when you think you could have an infestation. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines some tell tale signs you can look for that mice are in your house.

Mouse Scratching Sounds in the Night

One of the signs you are sure to come across when a mouse, or family of mice, has gotten into your house is the sounds they make. They want to stay away from you and will hide at just about any cost. That means in the night time that they are their most active and are scurrying around the house in search of food as well as nesting materials. You might be laying in your bed and hear sounds like scratching and moving around inside the walls. They

Tears in Food Packaging

The next thing you can look for when you think that mice are in your house has to do with the food. They are always on the hunt for something to eat and that means that nothing is off limits. These little critters are great at getting through cardboard and other packaging to gain access to the food in your pantry. It is important to look for signs that something has chewed into the containers. If you see that the corner has chew marks or there is a hole in the bag you want to make sure that you throw out the food that is potentially contaminated and call a pest control company right away.

Found Mouse Droppings

Mice are known for the mess that they often leave behind. They are out for food and nesting materials and in their path you will notice they leave behind droppings. The droppings will be along any path that they choose to use and look like an oblong brown colored piece of feces. The feces and the urine can be dangerous to you and your families health.

Rodent Control

Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out and make a plan to keep mice out of your house. Call us today!