Removal of Venomous Pests that Sting Such as Bees & Wasps and Control of Spiders that Bite in Erie, PA

There are many people that have a fear of pests of all kinds. Most pests are really just a nuisance and are a annoyance to have around. There are others that are something to be feared due to their ability to cause an infestation. Other pests tend to bite or sting when they feel threatened which can be painful. Although there aren’t too many pests bites or stings that are a real concern to a healthy adult, they can still be a problem with the young and elderly as well as those with weakened immune systems or allergies. The biggest problem occurs when a person has an allergic reaction to that bite or sting. Knowing what kinds of pests have a venomous bite or sting is the first start to keeping a problem at bay. Now that the weather is starting to change and the temperature is rising, the pests that most commonly bite and sting are beginning to become active again.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control List Common Pests That Have a Venomous Sting or Bite

Bees Sting: Bees are a huge part of what makes the world a great place. They are a very necessary part of gardens and farms all over the world but that doesn’t mean we want a hive in our backyard. Bees are a very well known pest and their signature black and yellow coloring make them pretty easy to see. They pollinate the flowers and plants that will eventually grow fruit, nuts and other crops to feeds our families. Bees sometimes build their hives in areas that are not always a great place for you and your family. Bees live in a swarm and will come out of the nest in search of a place to find food. When that happens there are opportunities that they will come into contact with people. They don’t set out to come after a person or animal but if they feel threatened, they will sting. The sting is often on a hand or foot when the person steps too close or grabs or swats at a bee. The venom in the sting can be painful as the toxin wears off. The best thing to do is to call a pest control company that specializes in bee control so they can safely be moved to a better location. The most common species of bee to be concerned about in Pennsylvania is the carpenter bee due to the damage they cause to wood eaves and fascia boards.
Wasps Sting: A wasp is another type of pest that stings when they are threatened. Wasps come in many different species and they can range in colors from yellow to blue. Hornets are a small subset of wasps. The biggest difference between a wasp and a bee is that a wasp can and will live in solitary. Some wasps do however live in colonies where the females do most of the work. Wasps are a problem for people similar to bees. Wasps can sting and that can be painful to the person that is being stung. The sting will stop hurting when the toxin wears off. If you notice a colony near your home you can call a pest control company to have the nest and wasps removed. The species of wasps most common to our area include bald faced hornets, European hornets and yellow jackets.
Spiders Bite: There are spiders that exist during all seasons of the year and there are a few that are a problem when they bite. The fangs on some of the spiders are large enough that the venom can be injected into a person’s blood stream. The most common spiders that have a venomous bite is the black widow and brown recluse. They are not aggressive but can bite if you get too close. Black widow spiders are native to Pennsylvania. While brown recluse spiders are not native, that unfortunately doesn’t mean you won’t find them here!

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