Pest Control Home Sealing; How to Seal Your House from Overwintering Bugs & Pests in Pittsburgh, PA

When the weather starts cooling down, some pests hunker down and wait for the cold months to pass, others will find the warmth they can and will continue lives on as usually during the winter months. Some pests will push their way into your home looking for convenient food and water sources, as well as warm and protective place nest. In an effort to help your avoid these winter intruders, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to offer some tips to prepare your home for keeping the pests out.

Exterior Pest Control Prevention

The exterior of your home is the most optimal place to start. First, begin by removing potential habitats that may be normally inviting to pests.
– Gutters and downspouts. Remove any debris; leaves, sticks, dirt and other grime. Eliminate any natural homes for many pests, keep it clean. Ensure the downspouts will direct the water flow away from the home.
– Dispose of the clutter around your home by removing any piled up garden equipment and relocates them to the garage or shed. Ensure all trash; leaves, sticks, and other debris are cleared away from your home. Any building materials like unused, bricks or wood piles should be relocated away from your house, and organized and stacked as far from the home as possible.
– Neatly stack the fire would away from your home.
– Pull away the mulch from your home.
– Keep trash can lids on tightly, and preferably, store them further from the home. Insects and vermin are attracted to the bins looking for food and warmth. Periodically clean the bins.
– Keep the trees pruned, bushes hedged, and grass trimmed away from the home’s foundation.
– Ensure all leaves from porches, patios, driveways, and the yard are removed and disposed of appropriately.
– Yellow sodium light bulbs don’t attract insect life; replace your ordinary exterior bulbs to hinder the pests.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

Finally, do a meticulous inspection around your home. Here is what to look for:
– Screens. If you utilize window and door screens all year long, check there condition. If they seem to be in need of repair or replacing, address the issue accordingly.
– Weather stripping and caulk. Make sure the windows and doors are properly sealed and the weather stripping and caulk are in sufficient working order.
– Check out the foundation for cracks and holes, and get those sealed up appropriately.
– Eaves, fascia boards, and flashing all need to be examined as well. If any wood is rotting or deteriorating, have them replaced.
– Make certain the attic vents are sealed tight.

Pest Exclusion & Management Services

With a routine maintenance program from Stewart Termite & Pest Control we can significantly minimize the amount of pests that infiltrate your home and property lines. Between eliminating the food, water and nesting resources, as well as natural habitats, and allowing professional pest control maintenance, pests will have a difficult time intruding in your home. Call Stewart Termite & Pest Control today to get started!