How to Keep Your Edinboro, PA House Pest Free; Insect Proof Food Storage, Home Sealing & More

When you live in a place that has an even temperature year-round, you have to worry about pests all the time. There is never a good time for a pest infestation in your home. They are better left outside. Stewart Termite & Pest Control is here to share some tips that will keep pests from coming into your home.

Insect & Pest Proof Food Storage

When you have food that isn’t stored in air tight containers, you run an exceptionally high risk of pest infestations. There are several pests that will eat virtually anything that you leave lying around. Your food should be stored in air tight containers that pests can’t easily get into. You also will have better luck keeping pests away when you store your produce inside your refrigerator rather than out of your counter.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

If you have any holes or cracks that lead into your home, you will want those fixed so that you don’t attract pests. Check all of your window screens for any rips or tears before opening your windows for some fresh air. Don’t leave any openings left unattended or you will have pest problems on your hands.

Proper Waste & Garbage Disposal

Your trash should be taken out regularly to avoid any pest infestations. Most pests aren’t picky eaters and will gladly eat the left overs you leave in your trash can overnight. Don’t risk it, take your trash out every day.

Clean Floors Regularly

When you clean your floors often, you remove all the crumbs and other debris that accumulate on them that attracts pests. Keeping things off the floors will help by not giving pests a place to hide out. This is true for nocturnal pests like cockroaches.

Can Water Leaks Attract Bugs, Roaches & Other Pests?

If you have any standing water in your home, this will attract pests. They are always on the search for water sources. Make sure your drains work properly and aren’t leaving water accumulation in your home. If you have any pipes that are leaking water, they need to be fixed right away.

Give Your Pets a Bath to Keep Fleas Away

Pets can be a source of pest problems. They spend a lot of time outside, and pests can hitch a ride in on them. Clean your pests regularly and make sure they are treated for fleas to avoid pests in your home.

Prevent Bringing Cockroaches, Bed Bugs & Other Pests Home from Vacation

When you take a vacation, before coming home, you should check your bags for any signs of bed bugs. You don’t want to bring this invasive pest into your home. Having a bed bug infestation on your hands isn’t what anybody wants when they return home from a vacation.

Pest Management

If you find that you have a pest problem in your home, don’t hesitate to call Stewart Termite & Pest Control right away. They have the experience and expertise needed to knock out any pest problems that you may have. Don’t wait for the pest problem to turn into an infestation, call us today!