Overwintering Pests During the Cold Winter in New Castle, PA; Home Sealing for Pest Management & More

When the weather starts to change and goes from nice warm temperatures to cold, the type of pests that invade homes changes too. The problem is that many of those pests need a place to stay so that they don’t freeze through the winter. The winters in Pennsylvania bring in some very cold days and even months so pests are going to come indoors. This is called overwintering. Pests need to hide out until the weather warms up outdoors and houses are a great place to do that. Your home has all the things to make the winter a great place to be. That is why it is so important to have a plan to deal with pests that want to overwinter. Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers tips to deal with overwintering pests.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

When a pest is outdoors and is looking for a place to stay they are going to search around a building until they find a place to slip in. They are going to feel the nice warm air which is a draw for them to come on in. They often find a gap in the weather stripping around a door or a window. When the weather stripping becomes dried out or ripped it can leave an opening that is plenty big for a pest to come in and set up shop. Take some time to check every door and window even the ones on a second story to ensure they have a tight seal.

Landscaping to Prevent Pests

The goal is to be sure that pests don’t get in your home but that does not mean that you can ignore the exterior of your home. You also need to remove any debris such as leaves and firewood. The leaves have fallen off he trees and the wood is stacked out for the cold days. You just want to be sure that if you have any debris it is not near the house. The debris is the first place pest will go to get out of the weather and it that debris is too close to your house the move inside is too easy. Move the piles of wood and any other piles of debris away from around the home.

Eliminate Moisture that Attracts Pests

The winter months mean that water is going to freeze. When the water freezes the chances that a pipe can crack increase. The next thing that happens to these pipes that have burst is that they will drip water which will create moisture. This moisture is a huge draw for pests and the closer the water is to your home the better the chance is that they will get indoors.

Don’t Feed Pests

A huge item that needs to be dealt with when wanting to keep overwintering pests out is their food. You want to keep your home clean and food and crumbs picked up and out of your house.

Pest Management

Hiring a pest control company year round should also be part of your pest prevention plan. A pest control company can come out and treat your home for pests that are currently in your home as well as prevent pests from getting in. It is a great line of defense to secure the perimeter of your home. Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers expert pest control services. Call us to schedule a pest inspection and custom pest management plan today.