How to Keep Pests Out of Your House this Winter in Erie, PA; Home Pest Sealing, Pest Proof Food Containers & More

Pests can invade any home or business. They are often categorized in 3 groups; 1) Harmful to humans or pets by biting or stinging delivering venom or just making off with their bloody spoils, they can induce allergies and asthma attacks or even spread diseases and germs. For example the stinging insects, bed bugs, cockroaches, or spiders. 2) Cause damage to structure or personal items by devouring materials or tunneling through them, gnawing or scratching through utility service piping or wiring, contaminating food supplies and tearing up your belongings for food or nesting purposes. These pests like the rodents, termites, and ants are responsible for costly damages to your home. 3) The grotesque pests that can make even the burliest of men shrill in fearful surprise; which are most pests but this category can also have the pests that are neither harmful nor damaging. No matter what kind of pest is infesting your home, it is ideal to keep them outside where they belong. Today, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to offer some tips on fortifying your home to minimize the infestations.

Exterior Outdoor House Pest Prevention

Begin by inspecting and assessing the structure of your home from the top of the roof, down to the ground, and all the way around. Look for holes, gaps, cracks and damaged ventilation outlets or utility lines that can allow any insects, wildlife, or arachnids inside. Make the proper repairs with caulk, mesh wire plates for the ventilation shafts and needed adjustments to seal your home.
– Check the hoses and air conditioning unit for any leaks and repair them to remove a constant water source. Keep pools covered and minimize the time pet food and water offerings are readily available, and store pet food in sealable containers.
– Clean the trash cans periodically, store them away from the home and keep lids securely fastened.
– Remove the debris of yard clippings, wood piles, or other building materials. Dispose of the unneeded junk and neatly organize the firewood and materials you want to hang on to as far from your home as possible. Critters can more readily find entry to your home if their natural habitat is in close proximity.
– Keep on your landscape maintenance by keeping trees pruned, bushes hedged, and grass trimmed, again avoid letting the vegetation from encroaching too close to your home as this can give the pests easier access to your home.

Home Pest Sealing & Tips to Stop Pests Inside Your Home

Just as you performed a search outside your home, do the same inside. Pay close attention to the windows and doors to see if they need screens installed, replaced, or repaired, as well as weather stripping adjustments. Patch any holes and cracks with caulking as needed.
– Repair leaky faucets and pipes to remove water source inside.
– Take the trash out often, periodically clean at the waste baskets, and keep lids securely fastened.
– Clear out the pantry and cabinets of any spilled crumbs or ingredients and replace your stored food containers with air tight sealable containers, as pests can simply gnaw though flimsy plastics, cardboard, and paper packaging.
– Store pet food in a like manner, and if you want to keep food and water available for your pets, look for the dispensers that keep the majority of the offerings sealed.
– Remove the clutter from inside your home, such as; junk mail, outdated catalogs and magazines, piles of unused clothing, bedding or other fabrics, and other piles of junk. Donate, sell, trash, or properly organize and store the items to avoid giving the pests a place to hunker down in.
– Invest in routine pest control maintenance by a professional. Tailoring your home to the pests more common to the area can dramatically reduce the pests from intruding.

Pest Management

Remember most of the time that pests come into your home, it is to look for food, water, and shelter from the weather. By eliminating a convenient source, should they make their way inside, they will be more motivated to move on. If you are in need of a regular maintenance pest control service or have an infestation you need dealt with, Stewart Termite & Pest Control is the leading professionals in the industry. Call us today to get started!