Lots of Large Black Flies in Your Pittsburgh, PA House All of a Sudden? How to Get Rid of Bottle, Cluster & Other Fly Pests

When the weather starts to warm up, the amount of pests you are sure to see around and in your home will increase. One of the most common problems that occur in the summer are the infestations of flies. They are a serious annoyance and pest that need to be dealt with accordingly. The way that most people deal with flies in their home is to grab a fly swatter and swat away. People then have to go around the house and sneak up on the flies before they fly off and contaminate another spot. Hopefully you have great aim and a lot of patience if you take this approach to dealing with flies. Another problem that you will find when it comes to flies is that they seem like they get in the house easily. The flies usually get in the house through the open windows and doors. It is best to have screens on any opening that you might have in your home. Flies are a just one of the pest problems you can hire a pest control service to treat. We have the ability to offer treatments and other services to get flies out of your home.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Outlines How to Identify the Top Fly Species That Invade Homes

Bottle & Blow Flies: One of the flies that you might start to see around your home this summer is called a bottle fly or a blow fly. They are best known for their coloring that is easily recognizable. They have a blue and green metallic coloring. Bottle flies are found in homes often and they also tend to make loud buzzing noises. They are a pest that is a serious annoyance. They also are a big problem because of their fast turnaround time. The females are known to lay more than 2000 eggs in their short life. The scariest part is that these eggs will hatch in a short few days. That means that if you have an area that a female bottle fly has decided to lay their eggs you could have a huge infestation in no time at all. Another reason they are a problem is the foods that they tend to feed on. They can be found on decaying food and carcasses. They also are very attracted to trash bins and rotting garbage.
House Flies: The most likely fly that you are sure to see in your home is the common house fly. They are a real pest and can be identified by their grey coloring. They can also be seen with two black stripes that set them apart from other flies. They are a real problem because they hang out on trash and other rotting foods. They then go in your home and walk around on the surfaces leaving behind the bacteria they have collected. The bottle fly procreates fast but the common house fly is much faster. The house fly female will have about 100 eggs at a time and they hatch even faster. If they are in a nice warm area they can hatch in two hours! That means you can leave your home and come home the next day to a huge mess of flies on every surface.
Cluster Flies: Dark grey in color with golden brown hairs, cluster flies are clumsy fliers. Cluster flies are most often found in quiet and undisturbed areas of your home such as wall voids and attics. They have hibernate in these warm places over winter.

Indoor Fly Control

Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers fly control services to help with flies and other pests in your home this summer.