How to Get Rid of Termites in Trees in Erie, PA; Damage Inspection, Signs & Treatment

Termites are notoriously known throughout the world; with over 3,000 different species existing in the world, with the exception of Antarctica. Termites consumption of wood has cost homeowners and business owners millions of dollars a year in the destruction they leave behind. With professional assistance, termite infestations can be effectively eradicated and if you know what the red flags are, you can catch early stages of infestations and get rid of the problem before it becomes costly. But many people have stumbled upon termites in their yard and immediately panic. With that on mind, we at Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like touch on finding termites in the trees and what you should do about it.

Termite Tree Damage Inspection

Termites can be considered beneficial as they will devour fallen trees and dead stumps. During a close inspection of a sickly or dead tree, homeowners may discover that there is an infestation of termites. As termites require plant or cellulose matter (wood) to survive, their colonies can reach up to 250,000 members, allowing them to quickly consume a lot of wood. Termites are also active all year long, although seemingly more so in the mid spring to early summer because the mature reproductive termites move out of the colony to begin new ones.

Signs of Termites in Trees

Termites will often be found in dead or dying trees, although a few species will consume healthy plants. Though they generally stick to the weaker trees, they will still infest healthier ones. Upon inspection, termites will leave tiny holes in the wood and spy wood shavings at the base of the trees. Discarded wings, termite carcasses, mud shelter tubes climbing the trunk of the trees, and exceptionally small white eggs are also an indication of termites. To confirm the termite’s presence, dig just below the soil line at the root of the trees and check for termites.

Termite Prevention & Control

Removing termites from trees are a top priority before they infest your home. To ensure the problem is well taken care of be sure to perform the following:
– All infected limbs need to be pruned.
– All infected stumps need to be removed.
– All pruned limbs, removed stumps, and infected wood piles should be burned or properly discarded.
– Apply the proper termite extermination products or to ensure efficiency, invest in professional treatment.

Professional Termite Treatment

Your home may still be safe from termites even if you find them in your yard. But, it is well worth your time and efforts to search for any red flags of any termite infestations. To guarantee the termite removal is effective and to ensure they did not intrude into your home, contact Stewart Termite and Pest Control for termite inspection and treatments.