Keep Kitchen, Bathrooms, Garage & House Clean & Sealed to Be Free of Insects, Spiders & Rodents

Throughout the world people are spending more time than ever before in their homes due to the coronavirus. Government officials all around the globe have issued different mandates for people to stay in their homes so that they can do their part in stopping the spread of the pandemic that we are experiencing. Many people are using this time to get some projects done around their house that their busy schedules did not give them time to complete just one month ago. Stewart Termite & Pest Control suggests that you use this time to include the following cleaning projects to help get rid of or prevent insect infestations in your home.

Clean Kitchen & Pantry to Keep Bugs Out

There are lots of projects that you can complete in your kitchen. First, we suggest that you go to your pantry. Insects love to feed on the food that you purchase for your family and then store in the pantry. Prevent insects from eating your food by storing items in airtight containers as much as possible. Anything that has an open lid on it you should move to an airtight container. This includes cereal, rice, crackers, and more. Eliminating the food source is one of the best things you can do. Our next tip is something that is not hard, but it is time consuming. Over the years piles of food, dust, and more pile up in your cabinets. The items in your cabinets prevent you from seeing the debris. We recommend that you take all the items out of your cabinets and thoroughly clean the inside. It is easiest to tackle one cabinet at a time with this project. Getting rid of the debris inside your cabinets will help insects from finding food or a place to nest inside your cabinets.

Bathroom Insect Prevention

It’s a good idea to deep clean your bathroom once every two months or so. This means you clearing all the little nooks and crannies to remove pests that may be hiding there. In addition, you should be giving your bathroom a quick cleaning every week to remove any built up dampness that attracts insects. During this cleaning, you can also look for leaky pipes as well.

Household Living Area, Dining Room & Bedroom Pest Control

Bedrooms and other living spaces can be a place where insects and rodents like to find food and a place to nest. Piles of clutter throughout your room are a welcome sight for insects and rodents looking for a home. Go through your room and clean up everything and find a home for it. Then when insects or rodents come looking for a place to nest, they will skip right over your room. If you frequently eat in your room, you probably have more food in your room than you realize. Take this time to carefully vacuum your entire bedroom and other living rooms. You will want to get those hard to reach places that you do not clean as often as the rest of your room.

Clean to Keep Bugs & Spiders Out of Garage

The garage is one of the most common places where insects, spiders and especially rodents are found. Rodents come into your garage looking for shelter from the elements. The temperature in your garage provides rodents a nice reprieve from being out in nature. Typically we store lots of items in our garage. This gives rodents plenty of places to build a nest. Cleaning out your garage is a way to get rid of unused items and rodents.

Exterior Pest Control Treatments

Hopefully these tips will help you have a project during this time and make your home less appealing to insects and rodents. Exterior pest control treatments create a barrier around the outside of your home to keep pests from entering in the first place. In this time of trying to cut costs, it is important to continue with your pest control because pests won’t stop for COVID-19 and neither will Stewart Termite & Pest Control. Whether you want preventive pest control or you end up with an insect or rodent problem at this time, give Stewart Termite & Pest Control a call today!