Is Rat Rodent Damage Such as Chewed Car Wiring Covered by My Insurance Company in Meadville, PA

As a car owner, you are probably aware of the risk of accidents and other threats that are out there. Have you ever thought of the threat that rats can pose to your vehicle though? They don’t just damage your home when an infestation happens, but they can cause serious damage to your vehicle too. Stewart Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about rat damage to your vehicle and what you could be facing in repair costs.

Rodent Damage to Car Wiring & Engines

The biggest threat to your vehicle concerning rats, is the wiring. It can be expensive and complicated to repair the wiring that can be damaged by a rat infestation. The nests that they build in your car can also be a big issue. Some mechanics have reported that they have found several pound’s worth of dog food and hair inside engines as they have started to dig into repairs. If those rats have any diseases, any time that you fire up the engine you are getting blasted by dander and droppings as the air blows into your vents as well. They can carry some serious diseases and this is a huge issue.

Are Rodents Damages Covered By My Insurance Company?

When selecting your auto insurance policy, hopefully you selected comprehensive coverage. If this was the case, you may be covered depending on the details of your policy. The repairs needed for your vehicle could be extensive if the rat infestation was bad enough. You also need to determine if the cost of the repairs is more than your deductible. If it isn’t going to be, you may be better off just paying for the repairs rather than filing a claim.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Car Repairs Caused By Rat Damage?

Some people may think that if the vehicle was parked inside the garage that the homeowner’s policy they have will cover the repair costs. This isn’t the case. These policies hardly ever cover the damage to your home caused by rodents; let alone the damage caused to your vehicle.

How to Prevent Rats from Eating Car Wires & Nesting in Engine

If you have ever experienced vehicle damage due to a rat infestation, you know that you want to do everything in your power to prevent that from ever happening again. Here are some steps you can take to keep your car safe:
-Protect the engine with wire screens so rodents cannot get access to it.
-Seal any holes or other places rats could get into your garage.
-Don’t park your car in areas that you know has rodent problems if you can avoid it.
-Keep your pet’s food sealed in an air tight container so you aren’t attracting any rats.

Rodent Control

If you find that you have a rat problem this winter, you want to get it resolved as soon as possible. Because rats carry serious diseases and can be difficult to get rid of, call on the pest experts at Stewart Termite & Pest Control for help. We have the resources needed to get rid of any rodent or other pest problem you may have. Call us today!