Best Ways to Prevent & Minimize Pest Infestations in Edinboro, PA; Sanitation, Home Sealing & More

There many pests that seem to willingly invade homes; looking for sanctuary from harsh weather or due to food and water being scarce, pests are common to homes and business. Generally, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and rodents are the most likely. More often than not pests are creepy that often have some level of fear factor to them. Many pests pose health risks that include inducing allergies and asthma, transmitting germs, bacteria, diseases and other ailments, as well as injecting venom or painful bites. Some pests have the potential to cause structural or property damage too. With that in mind, we at Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like to relate some suggestions on how you can minimize pest infestations inside your home or business.

Tips for How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home or Business

1) Interior Pest Inspection & Sanitation. Conduct a walkthrough of your home or business. Look for any plumbing repairs that needs doing and seal up any cracks, holes and gaps with caulk, weather stripping (around doors and windows), and mesh coverings around the ventilation exits. It is important to repair any leaks discovered as pests require a water source and when they find one, they stay nearby. Additionally, leaks creature moist environments, which can also lure some pests in that, prefer such climates. After eliminating the water source, remove the food source. Where it is impossible to completely eliminate the food, you can significantly reduce it. Always cleanup any spills and crumbs and ensure cupboards, pantries, and drawers are kept clean. Ensure your food storage is well preserved. Thin plastics, paper, and cardboard can be easily gnawed through. Invest in sealable containers to keep pests out. Remove clutter, many pests will infest all types of clutter, especially the ones that are undisturbed. Clear out the papers, magazines, catalogs, fabrics, and other such cluttering piles around the home. To do so, consider tossing what you can in the trash, donate the gently used items or sell it. Periodically clean your trash bins, both outside and inside, and keep the lids secure when not in use.
2) Exterior Pest Inspection & Home Sealing. Assess the exterior of your home from top to bottom, looking for obvious wear and damage that can let pests in. Look for the cracks, holes, and gaps around the foundation, structure, ventilation areas, and utility lines. Make the necessary repairs as you did for the interior. Additionally, ensure the screens are clean and in optimal condition. Repair any outdoor plumbing leaks as well to eliminate the water source. Keep the trash bins stored as far from the house as possible, keep them clean and the lids tight. Make certain you keep the landscaping well groomed; trim the hedges and prune the trees away from the house and keep the grass short. Do not let the landscaping waste to clutter your yard and dispose of them as you go. Store firewood in neat stacks above the ground and away from the house if possible. Remove any unnecessary clutter as well. Keep pools covered when not in use and ensure any pet food kept outside is well stored.
3) Take advantage of professional pest control services. Professionals are not only useful to dispose of infestations, but to also offer maintenance packages to keep the barrier in place to prevent pests from crossing over.

Professional Pest Management

To help minimize and prevent the varying pest infestations from taking over your home or business, call in the professionals of Stewart Termite and Pest Control and let us take care of all your pest control needs.